Thursday, December 23, 2010

Business Never Takes a Holiday

Successful artists that I know, handle their business all the time.
As quiet as it's kept, art is a business.
With the end of the year approaching, all of the serious artists I know,are booked through half of 2011. These artists know that business never takes a holiday.
I handle my own business all the time.
I don't take any holidays in the normal sense, I just keep on going and I get paid.
My art life is steady.

Soft Landing

I had an AIR gig for 14 years. The gig ended in May of 2009.
I was working in a public school, the gig was great froa while, it paid good money, which I stacked diligently.
I knew that the fine art program I ran ,was always on the bubble.
It ended, in favor of the students getting art credit digitally.
I had a soft landing because I saved my dough.
An artist ain't nothing without some money.
My colleague Dean Mitchell, speak about this all the time. Money is a great buffer against all the stuff artists have to deal with.
I just ahd to write this.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Be Responsible

Artists should be responsible for their own progress and success.
No one wakes up in the morning and decides to buy some art from an
People are busy doing all the life stuff they have to do.
Artists have to do outreach all the time, on purpose!!!!!
If an artists starves , it's their own fault.
Real artists are responsible, all the time.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Business is Business

I am a year older and wiser, I am really going to focus on the promotion of me. The art life is whatever an artist wants it to be.
No effort, no results , I say.
I have a lot of fun, dreaming up different ways to get my work sold.
It's an artful process to me.
I am like Miles Davis, I just improvise. DIG?!!!!
I intend to heat and eat as an artist, no matter what, to old and bold not to .
I am having a great art life on purpose.
My friend and colleague Lorenzo Chavez and I, brainstorm on the phone often, about making the art life work for us.
It' just part of the process of being a successful artist, I am old enough to say that.
I'll pass on my information to any artist that want's to know how to not starve.
Just hit me with the Google.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Who Knew me @ 72

Well, here I am not starving and making art . Today happens to be my birthday.
No big plans, just happy to be here. I am will however, kick up my survial/business plan a little more for 2011.
I get a kick out of not having to be in the traditional art system in Denver.
Guerrilla marketing has gotten me good results. I intend to keep on keeping on.
I'll make the Bob Ragland brand more popular on purpose.
I am grateful and thankful for having a great art life so far.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Saturation Point

The small works season has started in Denver.
I visited a gallery last week that had over 500 small works on view.
I think that many works is over whelming for viewers.
The exhibition is one of many to be seen until the end of December.
I would feel lost in such an exhibition.
If I was an exhibitior, I would bring people in to see the work , during the run of the show.
There are hundereds of works to be seen and bought at this time.
I think there is an over saturation of art at this time of the year in Denver.
I'll stick to my home shows.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Art Schools Cheat Students

I have had conversations lately about the art business.
Art is a business. If one doesn't learn that fact, starvation will surely
show up.
Art schools can teach technique, but they don't teach business/survival
skills to art students. Sad but true.
This situation can be solved , if art profrssors would invite
artists to come and do question and answer sessions with their students.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Helpless Artist

I have found that many artists, take their art to the gallery, and that's it. I always wonder why, artists are not more proactive about getting people in to see their work, before the exhibition closes.
Many artists don't think of doing the extra stuff to get paid.
I hear to often the cliche, that it's the gallery's job to sell.
Well, surprise,nowadays with so many artists in the mix. Real artists need to go the extra mile.If they do , they won't be so helpless.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shows That Sellout

I recently read in the Denver Post, a story ,about an artist who,sold every work in his exhibition.
Impressive,I hope he had enough money left to save some.
Sold out exhibitions are good.
Having some dough left after the show is even better.


I made some WAM yesterday. WAM is, walking around money.
I sold a number of my showbox paintings.
I do like the little money makers.
I am happy that peolple like them also.
I am glad to be able to have people who, are willing to
host the shoebox shows. We artists need all the art sensitive
people we can muster.
In this day and age of a soft economy, any sale, is a good sale.
I am trying to get as much art into the hands of the public
as I can. So far, so good.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Lack Of How To Sell The Art

I continue to be puzzeled, by the lack of survial tricks, that are not mentioned in the art magazines.
Artists have many creative ways to live and make their art.
The art magazines seem to focus on how to make the art, more than how to sell the art.
There's a large number of videos available on painting, but nothing on the selling part.
I say this often, I'll say it again,art is a business.
There should be more information available on how to survive and still produce the work.
The art mags could be a big help in this task.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

No New People

I visited an art center here in Denver recently. I go to get any art news that I can, from the card racks and bulletin boards. I do find infor mation that , I do not have. Knowledge is power.
I find that the art centers and galleries have information that doesn't
seem to garner new people, to buy art.
The gallery rats, are always in the loop.
Gallery rats always show up to get the cheese and wine.They don't buy art, they just come for the free refreshments.
New people are always important to the survival of the art world.
The information on exhibitions need to be spread around, new people need to be served.

Work Like You're Ignored

I had this thought today, I work like no one cares about me and my art life.
So far, I have a very good one.
I just got some press in a Denver publication called the Denver Urban Spectrum. The issue is the November 2010 issue. I get as much press as I can these days. I figure if a segment of the public is going to ignore my art effort, I may as well work like I don't care. I am dong good , on purpose!!!!!
Every artist should work like they are being ignored. It will make them more successful.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am on You Tube

I am always looking to market myself in new ways. Now I am on You Tube.
I always wanted to find out how to do that. My friend Gerald Trumbule
shot and posted the video.
Another tool in my skill set, to keep on going.
I need all the help I can get.
My art life is steady as usual, I do the business part, like art, as well as I can.
I am such a maverick artist in Denver, I have to be learning new stuff all the time.I do it gladly.
Knowledge is power!!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I had to pass on this

I got a call on 10-25-2010, from someone wanting me to show in a new art gallery. I had to decline. My reason is, the gallery was going to be another afro-centric gallery.
I don't like galleries that limit my art life and career.
I just want people to see my work , and not make a judgement on my ethnic background.

Bragging Rights

I just remembered to post this. In September 2010, I sold paintings to people who, just told me to send them something, sight unseen.
I felt very special because of this. I have toiled away in the art trenches
for a long time. I guess, I get to brag a little.
I do work steadily to do the best business That I can for my art career.
So far, so good.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Sales, Shoebox Art

I am selling the little latte priced works , like candy.
I just need walking around money, the little works are priced, at $50-100.
These works fit a shoebox.
I also show them at people's homes. All I need is a table top, or any surface to show 25-50 works. The sizes are 5x7inches to 6x8 inches.
I am having a great art life, brain power is my main power!!!!!!!!!!
My business skills are being sharpened regularly. ON PURPOSE!!!!
NO starving art life for me.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

People Who Don't Get Back

I just need to get this said, er written.
I think it's a big mistake when people are slow to get back to anyone.
I also think, it's a costly mistake when people fail to respond, they miss decent information and often financial opportunities.
I make it point to move non responders to the back burner ,business wise.
I also make it point to amp up my personal game, when this stuff happens.
STR people are not my favorite people,I am glad I don't have to depend on them.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Success On The Street!!!!!

On Sunday 9-19-2010, I was in a street fair. The event was part of an home tour, that is held annually ,in a very diverse neighbor hood in Denver's Parkhill area.
I knew it would be a long day. I don't show on the street, as a general rule.
Once in awhile I take a chance to see if I can make some WAM=waliking around money.
Well, I did make some WAM.
I took my shoebox paintings out to see what would happen. I did gooood,Hollywood.
I made the booth fee and some extra dough. I also traded for four bottles of wine and some cash. At the end of the event, I traded for some handmade soap.
I am in the artzone big time. My shoebox paintings are, 5x7inch to 6x8inch works I
make , several at a time. I have a good artbank of these works to draw on,yeah , I know pun intended.
I did not go out on the street broke, I took two Grants with me.
Money generates mo' money.
Time and patience matters.
Suceess does too.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am puzzeled by the fact that once an artist has an exhibiton on the walls, they stop promoting the exhibition.
Dang !!! Once I get my show open, I don't stop promoting the event until ,the event is over.
I go into co-op galleries and often the artists are waiting for people to come in.
I would send out , real mail, to invite people one more time, to come for a chat or visit.
Most times after the opening, the artists sit on weekends to empty galleries.
I would consider ,offering some kind of incentive, to get people in before the show closes.
Hey, marketing matters, if one wants to get paid.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The ART Mags

I look at a fair number of art magazines, this caused me to wonder how many of the artists that are featured in these publications, go to have decent money careers.
I have been featured in many publications, one thing I
know is,
being in art magazine an artcareer does not make.
Art careers can be helped by the art press, it's needed, but the business savvy
atist learns not to depend on the the art magazines to be successful.

More On Artproof People

I have a number of sculptures in my front yard. It's remarkable the number of people who, pass by and never notice them.
As long as they have their dogs and their lattes, everything they need to notice is with them.
I call these people artproof people.
I just had to blog this.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Money Is a Buffer

Money is a great buffer between an artist and art proof people.
I like getting paid,I like having a cash stash and I really like having pocket money that I made as an artist.
I come across a lot of people who, don't have a clue about how great it is to be a NON-starving artist with some cash.
Yes, money is a great buffer. I will make some more.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Public Education and The Arts,NOT!!!!!

Public education and the fine arts ain't friends, not so much. It's a wonder that people
go on to have careers in the fine arts. Public education does not encourage students to
become painters,potters, jewelers, printmakers, portrait painters and all of the rest
in the visual arts. DANG!!!
It's just wrong headed thinking. Freshman forever, those, who don't think one can
make a career of the fine arts. People should have the work they want, not some job they have to take. There ain't nothing wrong with being happy at one's work.
Public ed and the fine arts will never see eye to eye. Too bad , too sad.
One thing for sure, inspite of the oil and water feeling about art, real artists will prevail.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Business As Usual

I continue to hear people mention how proficient an artist's work is.
Well I have to always say, it doesn't matter how well made the work is, it still has to be sold.
Artists who make, quote, good work, are a dime a dozen.
Business is an art form, business matters.
The sooner artists make peace with the BUSINESS part of their art life the better they will all be.
I am just saying.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Kind of Artist Am I?

The other day , I was asked what kind of artist I was ?
I was in line at a business, I had my Non-Starving Artist cap on.
I answered, I am avery successful artist with no mortgage payments.
Every one in the line paid attention the exchange between myself and
the person behind the counter who made asked the question.
I was really happy, to be able to make my statement for all to hear.
One of the problems with us artists is, too many people are socialized
into believeing we are all broke and starving. NOT!!!!!!
I have a list of artists ,that I know who are going to the bank ,as a result of their
artistic effort.
I have been doing the art dance since 1966, I have pretty decent business skill set.
I am old enough and bold enough to let people know us artists are doing very well
inspite of the conventional mythlogy about the visual artist.
I will be the vuvulahza for all of us.
I got the cash to back it up.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sheree Rensel Artist

Hi Sheree,
You can email me at,
New address.
I do like your blog a whole lot.
I want to say you will ARTON!!!! No matter what.
I was an artist in residence for a school for 14 years, the program was killed in May of 2009.
The drawing and painting studio was shut down abruptly.
I don't miss the freshman, some of my colleagues, yes.
I have a whole new artlife, these days , I saved some money to land softly.
I am being positive for your present siuation , if I may be so bold.
You will proceed to succeed, you have skills. Your work is solid.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Negative Energy

Recently, I had an encounter with an art dealer here. The person was being negative about something art wise. I have always felt, if people in Denver art culture would convert their negative energy into positive energy then people would buy art from us artists , it would be great.
Some art people here get too concerned about art stuff they can't do anything about.
The stuff they can do something about they don't do.
Negative energy is not good for anybody.
Maybe that's why I don't do the gallery thing nowadays.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Denver's Art is a Secret

It seems to me that any success the art world here in Denver is a secret. I say this because, we have had two arts festivals recently in the city and there has been no summary on the events.
The newspapers have not written anyhing on the results of sales etc.
My feeling is, good art news should be reported, especially in the present economy.
Rising tides raises all boats.
I have written to the PR people at the art festivals, asking if there were plans to publish any results of sales etc.
I haven't gotten any responses.
I guess any success in the Denver art world ,is going to remain a secret.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

People Are Buying Art

I went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival three days in a row.
The energy was just great. I go to see friends from out of town, and to learn how to improve my business skills as an artist.
It's notable what one can learn by osmosis.
I am glad I don't have to do the street bit anymore.
The sitting can be very tiring.
My hats off to all festival artists.
I did see a lot of art with legs.
I am certain many artists did well on sales.
It's all a gamble any way you look at it.
People are buying art in Denver.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Smart Gallery In Denver

I have harped about galleries not having time payment signs, posted so people wouldn't have to ask.
Well the other week, I went into a very important gallery here in Denver and voila, they had lay away signs in several locations. It's about time!!!!!
I was very happy to see the signs.
The gallery director said they had a lot of people, who, were making payments on art.

I figure in this economic time , a gallery should use all of the selling tools they have.
Artists getting paid matters.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The current issue of Vanity Fair magazine has a great article on Peter Max.
There's good background on his art career.
Even if people don't like his work , there is something to be learned about art
marketing if one reads the story with an open mind.
I'm just saying.


Oprah Don't Like Visual Artists

I had a conversation with a colleague this morning. We both wondered why Miss Oprah, ain't so hot on black visual artists?

Here's a person who could help an underserved part of art America, by just saying some thing. But nooooooo- all we ever get is the performing arts, getting all of the play.

Dang!!!! Elizabeth Catlett is senior enough by now to have more recognition and we need someone who has a lot of influence in the media to talk about it.
It's just baffeling.
I had to get this off my brain.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Discipline Equals Progress

I try to do something for my artlife everyday.
So far , so good.
Art careers require constant maintenance.
I cheek my list at the end of each day,my progress is steady.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sheree Rensel-COOL!

I really like SR's blog, that artist has some interesting things to say.
The art life ain't easy, but somehow ,we artists continue.
I say since we are on the planet, we may as well have the art life we design.
I just had to say this, I really dig having this blog,to get rid of bottled up art thoughts.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

To ARTON matters.

I get the feeling once in awhile, that people are ignoring us artists, just because they can. I don't care, I ARTON anyway.
Life is too short, to not make the art I want to make.
I figure as long as I do my outreach, sooner or later, I will find appreciators.
I have come a long way, I am here to artfuly stay. I am not broke or begging and I am not a victim.
Art is my life and always will be. I have a lot of work out in the world tht people own.
Doing good, Hollywood. I love having this blog, I get to run my fingers any way I want to. I get to vent too.

I ARTON on purpose.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Art Education

I have a sign in my car window, that says Non-starving artist on board.
A lady saw it and asked what it meant?
I was glad to tell the freshman, that I am non- starving artist.
I also mentioned that there are many of us in Denver and Colorado.
I know the latte drinkers and digital headed people, really don't have too much time
for us artists, so I am going to be promoting the non-starving artist project until
I get tired. I am having big fun at seventy -one.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Freshmen to art

I attended an art festival in downtown Denver over the Memorial day weekend. I found the art to be very reasonable in price and well made. I was baffled by what seemed to be the lack of sales. A lot of the art was priced at $500 and under. it seemed to me, that people were reluctant to buy, maybe it's just me, many people seem to have a so what attitude. Freshman to art , need to be educated.
I feel sympathy for artists who sit on the street for days and may not make any money. I find the art is sound and as I said earlier well made. I am thinking ,that maybe there needs to be a some sort of unified educational effort put forth by the art culture on why art should be purchased.
For the price of 10 or 20 lattes, people could get art , which they get to keep, the latte they rent, if you get my meaning.

I am glad that my days of showing on the street are a thing of the past.
I do hustle steadily all year , that way I don't get complacent.
No effort, no result.

Freshman have a chance to become educated to art buying, that's why I call em'

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Other Successful Artists

I 'd like to hear from other artists on how they proceed to have good art lives.
Find me

Road Trip New Mexico

I am posting this from one of my favorite places. I am in Santa Fe New Mexico.
I can get here in a short drive from Denver. I was not able to get here in 2009.
This is a research trip , I learn what to do about improving my art life in Denver, as a result of the NM jaunts.

People who live in art colonies tend to be complacent about art career progress and marketing. It's easy to get comfortable in a place where people tend to spend money on art with a little effort.

In Denver, which is not an art destination, one has to hustle to sell.
Personally , I like the hustle, I intend to do as well as I can on purpose.
I am not a starving artist by design, I just do the nusts and bolts stuff.

More later.

Monday, May 17, 2010

No Knowledge

I am comming across alot of people these days, who do not realize the number of artists who, are making a living with their work.
I was in the Denver Art Museum on the 16 th of May 2010, I was introduced to a volunteer as an artist that made a living as an artist.
The lady seemed to be surprised and made a comment about how hard it must be to be an artist fulltime.
I politely in formed her, that there are thousands of artists who pay their way as artists.
I told her , if an artist treats their artlives like a business , they can have a decent art career.
I also mentioned that the business of being an artist is not taught in art schools as a general rule.
I think that Andy Warhol said " After art, the best art is the business of art."
I heartily agree with that concept.
I can name about fifty artists that I know pesonally, who, support themselves with their art.
I am glad when I come across "freshman" who don't realize how successful many artists are.
I can only say, so many people to inform, so little time.
Art education 101, comes with the territory.
Cheers and art ,
Bob Ragland.
PS- See me by google.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Henry Moore Is In Town

Last weekend I spent time with Henry Moore.
Who knew?
The Denver botanical gardens has a collection of the sculptor's work on loan until 2011. YAY!!!!!
I will see them again.

Data Proof Artists

I am running a series of career talks in the city , I am mainly doing this with freshman artists. I have found the seasoned artists are rather data proof.
Art schools will graduate over thirty thou8sand art students this year.
These individuals won't have the first clue about being an artist in the real world.
They pays their tuition, and gits no business position.
I am working on fixing that situation.
I have a lot of no nonsense doable tricks to help the freshman artists have art lives.
All they have to do is get ahold of me.
I have tools that art professors refuse to use.
I guarantee results too.
To be a sucessful artist , one can't be data proof.

Celebrating Life Through Art

I am very busy these days, an artist has to be many things in order to have a decent art life. I am happy to be alive, Seems that I am losing colleagues every time I look around.
This makes me do more with my time, I tend not be a time waster anyway.
I am glad to see the spring flowers in the Denver area, I paint a series of spring paintings to celebrate life and art each year.

I do this each year. ON PURPOSE.
My art life is steady, it's been a year since I was cut form my AIR gig.
I don't miss them freshman at all,the ones with their pants on the ground and their IQ going down.
I get to run the Bob Ragland Brand full tilt, and it feels sooooo good.
I am still able to heat and eat as an artist. Yippeeeeee!
It feels good to celebrate life through art.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sold some work

I opened my mail yesterday, and a check fell out. A docent that I met in the center where I was in an exhibition said to send her art under one hundred dollars.
I mentioned to the docent in a letter I sent, that I had some small works for one hundred dollars and under. The docent told me that I should pick out something and send it to her.Pretty cool.
I also get to talk on art in Denver at the center to the docent group, for a fifty dollar fee. I have to speak for only forty-five minutes. Drought broken. Yippee!!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Life Lessons

Yesterday I went to see the last day of the exhibition I was in.
There was a not nice black guy, who I was introduced to.
The guy was snobby and arrogant. I tried to be nice, I aked his name, he wouldn't say who he was.
I have seen this guy somewhere and will again. I'll be nice again.
The lesson for me is, there are peopple who keep your feet on the ground, no matter what you have achieved.
I am good with that. I am writing a book- titled The Good, The bad, The Ugly and the Dumb.
Been working on it for a few years, I will be adding the above to my manuscript.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The new people to art and artists are freshman. I will call them that. This way I won't get so nonplused by those people who do not realize art is a business. Thomas Kincade knows that fact , hence he's rich and getting richer.Being an sucessful artist, means that the artist is good at business. There's nothing wrong with getting paid for one's artistic effort. Purity will lead to the poorhouse.

Monday, March 22, 2010

People Won't Read

People won't read anything these days. I say that because of the number of people who look at my cap that says NON-starving artist on it and refuse to belive, I am not a starving artist. I tell them there are thousands of artists who, are able to live as artists, all they have to do is read the newspapers and magazines that publish stories on successful artists. I guess when all one knows is, how to operate their thumbs, well you get the idea.I wish people would read more about the successful visual artists in the land.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beware Of The Philistines

I get to thinking about all of those people who, just ain't going to buy any art. I think how my artlife has been the best without the philistines. Neener-Neener!!!!!
I say this in conclusion PEOPLE GET THE ART THEY DESERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Hotmail Got Hacked!!!!!!!!

My hotmail account got hacked. Dang I felt so dumb. I found out that several hotmail accounts had the same thing happen, so I am good. i am learning so much about this web stuff, I can hardly stand it. Having more fun than the law allows. Yes indeed .
Hey Wizzelwolf , comin' at ya real soon. I mean by email.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Real Artists

Real artists work steady, they survive to make art by any means necessary. Real artists build confidence on purpose, they develop skills and create career opportunities on a regular basis and they have the courage to make their own luck.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Still Working Strong

My school AIR gig ended ten months ago and I am busier now than ever. It feels very good. The wind was knocked out of my sails last May, but I am in full creative mode now.
I don't miss getting up early and having to deal with snarky little freshman.
I am a happy camper, getting many of my creative projects done.
My bankroll is holding up pretty good too. I am having a GREAT time in my artlife.
It's so good, it feels unreal.

I may even get to go to Taos and Santa Fe later this month.

Dis Belief Maybe

Lately people have been asking me if I am still painting. In the past when I gotr this question, I got a little miffed.
Now I have a stock answer, that I use, I just say, I get that alot, pause, then I say yes. This way I don't start to boil or give the long I am an artist to the bone talk.
Works like a charm for me.

Dis Belief Maybe

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The State of Art Education

I have to say this, the state of education is the way it is, because students have their brains in their thumbs and their pants on the ground.
President Obama, said on NPR that America is turning out drop out factories.
DANG!!!!!!! Double Dang!!!!

I worked in public education for many years and I, like many other teachers ,I know give instruction our best.


Enough with educator blame.

I taught the fine arts, for many years,being a artist I had the goods.
Now schools are taking the hands on stuff out of schools and that's one of the things that students will attend school for.
This is my humble opinion,pass it on. I wil be writing the White House in this regard.

I have had it with educator blame!

Bob Ragland

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lay public questions cause thinking

Recently I had have people ask me what my day is lke as an artist. This is good because I get to see what my day is like also. Needless to say no two days are alike in most artists lives from what I know. Lately I have been doing my letter writing in the first half of the day, then outside studio running around, errands, then back to the studio.
I write real letters to people, real artists do this for history's sake if you get my meaning. Paper still matters!!!!! I want something out in the world with my DNA on it. Technology can make one stupid about how they communicate with other people.
I have gotten a good result by sending out real mail. Real mail is rare, but welcomed , I have found. When I tell people that I will write them they can't believe it. It's just part of my art form. It's part of my art career maintenance.
Pass it on.

Lay public questions.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yippeee! Me on Facebook

I am having so much fun , I should be arrested. I just got in Facebook mode.
This is sooooooo cooool.
I am going to be a big ol' tech head. I am in my neighboorhood library and I got my earplugs in , Neener-Neener.

There's a school nearby and the students have a half day off, mostly ninth graders, loud and self absorbed.

Some people think they are in their house having a conversation, loud ones at that.
YEA for me earplugs.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An interesting Question

I was asked what I thought about self promotion the other day? My answer is it has to be done,if an artist is to get some career traction.
I ain't shy about self promotion, it pays off in the long run.

If some people don't dig self promotion, that's just too bad.


My hotmail account got jacked. I will go to the newspapers and get me some ink.
I am in need of a story in the Denver Post. I have some contacts there, those crazy scam artists picked the wrong guy to mess with. HAR!!!

I'll treat this event just like a conceptual art project, hey, if Christo can convince people about his art , I can and will do de same. Yes indeedy.I am on Gmail these days., YIPPPPEEEEEE KI AI, or something like that.
I am on a roll like butter, painted threee, count em , little Hatian paintings this morning. Wrote some letters to get some marketing workshops for spring.

I am a happy, happy guy.
On purpose.

I am on Facebook now. No face, but info.
More later,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No visual art notice @ the White House

It seems to me, that there has been alot of singing and performing at the White House. Dangit! I mean by black folks. When will they, showcase some black visual artists??
I mean some living artists. The president's children should see, that there are paintings in the White House done by someone who, looks like them, if you get my meaning.
Every time I look up, I see black entertainers doing there thing.
Geeze didn't we entertain enough on the plantation already?

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I was thinking how lucky I am to be doing my art life the way I want to.
Compared to years ago when my art career was in it's freshman stage, I ain't doing to bad. I thank the art goddess often these days, here are some main reasons.

I have shelter.
I have bread ,I have some cash,
I have some good art friends,
I have time to make art.

Oh yeah, I get to help new artists get to where I am to so far.

Just being grateful.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Mention

I am in a museum exhibition in Arvada Colorado. The Sunday Denver Post ,2-8-2010 had a review of the eexhibition, I didn't get a mention. So I will take things into my own hands, put on my PR hat, and get my own mention.
This exhibition is a special milestone in my art career. I am telling every I know.
The exhibiton is a survey of 100 years of Colorado art, I am very glad to be included. I will press on , pun intended.

No Mention

Monday, February 8, 2010

What to do Till Rich and Famous

Here are some things to do till you are rich and famous.

Make your art as often as you can.

Live with in your means.

Pay with cash, when you can.

Keep a fifty dollar bill, don't spend it until you get another.

Proceed with out the approval of others.

Get paid on purpose.

Stay focused.

Read Sark's books.

Read the Art Spirit- by Robert Henri.

Be creative in all phases of your art life.

Be positive as often as you can.

Soak up information that will help your art life.

Be the artist YOU want to be.

Market or starve.

Don't whine, drink wine.

Get your own publicity.

Deal with rejection by persisting.

Take your art to the people,sometimes.

Be tough,don't deal with the negative stuff.

Read business books on selling.

Sell your art on the lay away plan.

Don't starve.

Be mobile and visible sometimes.

Remember, if it's for sale, it's commercial.

People don't respect starving artists.

Don't let any artist tell you they invented art.

Pass this data on please.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Career Speedbump

One of my art career speed bumps is, black history month. There was a time when February was good for visual artists of color in Denver.
Those days are long gone, the organizations that could give visibilty to painters, sculptors and other disciplines don't show us off any more. I just dread BHM, because I think it gives the black community another excuse ,to not buy art from other artists and me.
I just wanted to be on the record, I am older and bolder so I get to say what's on my mind concerning BHM.
My art career has legs, and as I write this ,I am in a museum exhibition that will be on view for more than sixty days.
I will arton inspite of BHM.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Art Advisor

I was called by a good friend of mine this morning.
The caller is thinking about making a change in their art business. I gave the best advice that I could. I was pleased that the the person called me to get my take on the local art scene.
I do a good deal of art research for my own business, the data I find comes in very handy.
It's very important for my artlife.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In A Museum Survey Exhibition

I am proud to say that I am in a survey exhibition of Colorado artists. The exhibiton is at the Arvada Center for The Arts in Arvada Colorado.

The Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art is the co- host of this exhibition, the art of one hundred Colorado artists are on view. I have one sculpture and two drawings in the exhibition. I found out by chance that I am in this event.

This is a great way to start 2010. The work will be on view until April 4, 2010.

Yippeee for me.

Long Art Career

I recently saw an artist at an art event, this artist has been very active in the Dever art scene. She told me she was going to go to grad school.
This gave me pause, I begin to think of the number of artists who have toiled away in Denver and Colorado who, decide to get out of town.
My thought is after being here for as long as I have, I have a good journeyman art career, so I don't plan on leaving. I have outlasted many artists who have had lots of press and exhibitions. I am glad I have had the courage to hold and stay. I will add there have been many hurdles to get over, in other words, lot of tryin times.

My career has legs in Denver because I didn't give up on the city. still have a lot of people who never heard of me, hence I have a lot of work to do.
A long art career requires that one be a marathoner.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Art Sales Continued

Several art galleries in Denver have reported decent sales inspite of the 2009 economy. New people ar4e out there. Yippeeeeee!

The Coors Art Show

I went to the Coors art show here in Denver on the ninth. The sales were great, about $600K, near as I could tell. WOW!!!
This means there are people out there who still buy art.
Technology has so many people's attention these days, it great to see there's folks who will vote for art with their wallets.
I will see the show again before it closes on the 24th of this month.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dean Mictchell Super Artist

If you read this, google artist Dean Mitchell. I brag about this artist every chance I get. He's diligent and rich from his artistic effort. I just had to blog this.

Art Is a record.

I like the fact That I can account for my time by looking a the art I have made up to this point. I came across an article recently that stated people waste five years of their lives waiting in lines.
This reminded me that making art, good ,bad or indifferent is a worthy thing to do.

Art is a record how artists spent their time. The art books validate that.

No Pro Bono

A lady asked me recently about working as an artist with a group of young people.
I scared her off by asking if there was any money to pay me?

I don't think any artist should work pro bono. At my age I ain't going to work free.
I don't need no exposure either. That's what people die of in bad weather.

I just had to say this.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A reminder about my art life.

I recently was in the company of several people who, after finding out I am an artist,asked me thoughtful qusetions.
The one that stuck out in my mind was, how is the art business?

I answered the art business as good as one wants to make it, I was glad to be able to say that I have a decent art life and career considering the great recession.

Many of my coleagues are hard chargers as far as their survival in the art world goes.
I am glad to get questions from people who, don't have any idea what a visual artist does to be a non starving artist.
This is a good reminder for me to keep on doing the art career thing as well as I have been able to, to this point.

I will ARTON o purpose.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great Recession

Being an artist that has so far survived this part of the great recession, I will toot my own damn horn.
I am old enough now to know that I will make my art life what I want it to be. I still have bread and shelter and enough cash to kill any wolf that shows up at my studio door. I have done this on purpose, with intent and artfulness.

I live in a city where there is an artist behind every tree. There are many who are paying their way in a diligent manner. I get survival ideas from a lot of them.

I will attack this new decade with persistence and tenacity on purpose.
I will not starve on purpose.