Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Kind of Artist Am I?

The other day , I was asked what kind of artist I was ?
I was in line at a business, I had my Non-Starving Artist cap on.
I answered, I am avery successful artist with no mortgage payments.
Every one in the line paid attention the exchange between myself and
the person behind the counter who made asked the question.
I was really happy, to be able to make my statement for all to hear.
One of the problems with us artists is, too many people are socialized
into believeing we are all broke and starving. NOT!!!!!!
I have a list of artists ,that I know who are going to the bank ,as a result of their
artistic effort.
I have been doing the art dance since 1966, I have pretty decent business skill set.
I am old enough and bold enough to let people know us artists are doing very well
inspite of the conventional mythlogy about the visual artist.
I will be the vuvulahza for all of us.
I got the cash to back it up.

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