Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lay public questions cause thinking

Recently I had have people ask me what my day is lke as an artist. This is good because I get to see what my day is like also. Needless to say no two days are alike in most artists lives from what I know. Lately I have been doing my letter writing in the first half of the day, then outside studio running around, errands, then back to the studio.
I write real letters to people, real artists do this for history's sake if you get my meaning. Paper still matters!!!!! I want something out in the world with my DNA on it. Technology can make one stupid about how they communicate with other people.
I have gotten a good result by sending out real mail. Real mail is rare, but welcomed , I have found. When I tell people that I will write them they can't believe it. It's just part of my art form. It's part of my art career maintenance.
Pass it on.

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