Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Freshmen to art

I attended an art festival in downtown Denver over the Memorial day weekend. I found the art to be very reasonable in price and well made. I was baffled by what seemed to be the lack of sales. A lot of the art was priced at $500 and under. it seemed to me, that people were reluctant to buy, maybe it's just me, many people seem to have a so what attitude. Freshman to art , need to be educated.
I feel sympathy for artists who sit on the street for days and may not make any money. I find the art is sound and as I said earlier well made. I am thinking ,that maybe there needs to be a some sort of unified educational effort put forth by the art culture on why art should be purchased.
For the price of 10 or 20 lattes, people could get art , which they get to keep, the latte they rent, if you get my meaning.

I am glad that my days of showing on the street are a thing of the past.
I do hustle steadily all year , that way I don't get complacent.
No effort, no result.

Freshman have a chance to become educated to art buying, that's why I call em'

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