Saturday, May 25, 2013

Learning how to be an outlaw artist is important. Getting away from the herd matters. Being unconventional is key to art life success. Always be branding. Be mobile and visible. ON PURPOSE!!! Do it soon, later is too late.
It's not the art objects, it the business practice to sell the art that matters. Branding matters. An artist need to put 10,000 hours in on the business side of art life, David Hockney is a brand, Warhol, Picasso, Anish Kapoor, Robert Rauschenberg , Jasper Johns, Jenny Saville all brands. It's marketing and branding that sells art. An artist can never be too rich or famous.
The local art worlds, have artists who can help new artists, navigate life after art school. Its outrageous, that working artists, are not invited in to schools to answer questions, to make new fine art grads lives easier. Students are not, getting a full education.
There gonna be a lot of disappointed grads this season. They have paid their money to get an education and they have not gotten their moneys worth. The gatekeepers have sequestered the real world information away from their students. The education system for fine artists and business and money making is a joke. I don't understand what the big secret is. Baffling.
Went to the Denver art festivals, two of them. Lot's of creative people working all winter to show in the outdoor shows. Competition is fierce . people have a lot to select from. An artist has to out think every one else. I didn't see one terms available sign in any booth. Lost opportunity to get some money. Dumb mistake!!! People need to be told in written form. Every booth should have a written form they have time payments. I don't know who will rad this, but the data is good and true.
There are a lot of art festivals going on in Denver. I mean for 2013. I will go to see what I can learn to do better for my own art life. I use the festivals as a research lab. Gotta do it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Listed In Who's Who in American Art 2013

I am listed in Who's Who In American Art 2013. You can go into any library reference section and read about my art life to this point. It's great to be able to have a paper trail. I look myself up on March 17, 2013, in the Denver Public Library main branch. Good feeling. Had to say it. You can find me on Facebook.

Working Away

Been away for awhile. Had to relearn how to navigate this site again. My art life is steady, sold some art in the last quarter of 2012. I am constantly working to find those walls and spaces that are art free. I am on Facebook. See me there also. I was asked to be on a panel in New York for no fee. Had to pass on that one. I did write the things I would speak to. They are as follows. Carry business cards at all times,get a photo story in the local newspaper, copy and write letters on the copies, send real mail to people, get some sponsors to support you for two to six months, pay back with art, make postcards with more than one image on them, carry them with you always. This stuff needs to be done all the time.