Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Personal Responsibility

As an artist I have always been responsible for my art life.
I like being in charge of my work and my PR.
I learned early that a real artist has to be in charge of their own well being.
New artists think that someone will rescue them and make them them rich and famous, that won't happen. Sorry to have to say that , but that is the way real art life is.

ME, I plan to ARTON no matter what happens. This ain't no dress rehersal.
Real artists are personally responsible.

Pardon Spelling

On my first NPR post I spelled guest book wrong, I was in a hurry and jazzed about getting the NPR segment.
So, Mia Culpa.
My website visitor count jumped from 1100 to 3000 plus in three days.
The power of radio is great, the content of the story also had a lot to do with the spike in my website traffic.
The interview took three years to get.
I am glad it happened.

Monday, December 29, 2008

NPR Gets Results

I was interviewed in Novermber 2008, by Alison Bryce who is a NPR producer in Washington,D.C.
Alison did a great job. The story aired on Weekend Edition ,Saturday December 27, 2008.
I am a pragmatic and practical artist, and that came through in the NPR story.
My website guestbook had a spike in people signing in to compliment the story.
The art life ain't easy, but it can be done if one is detirmined to do what it takes
to be an artist.

This goes for any artistic discipline. The NPR story can be accessed by going to the NPR website.
My website is -www.freewebs.com/bobragland.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

No Recognition

Recently my researcher told me that a local news program showed a sculpture by an artist. Well, nothing new about that. The problem was , there was no mention of the artist who made the work, by name. It's as if we artists are not worthy of some national recognition. This happens all he time.
I guess the reporter didn't wan't the artist to get famous, and no orders for work either.
No wonder some artists are surly.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Recession Proof

Real artists are recession proof. These individuals always figure out how to get through economic bad times. I read about artists
who, have some clever ways to keep going. The main thing is , to keep going. I make art no matter what is happening with the economy. I read business magazines, to get new ways to show and sell my work and I always have work priced at an entry level for new people.
So far, so good. I am recession proofing my art life.