Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My hotmail account got jacked. I will go to the newspapers and get me some ink.
I am in need of a story in the Denver Post. I have some contacts there, those crazy scam artists picked the wrong guy to mess with. HAR!!!

I'll treat this event just like a conceptual art project, hey, if Christo can convince people about his art , I can and will do de same. Yes indeedy.I am on Gmail these days.
bobraglandl@gmail.com, YIPPPPEEEEEE KI AI, or something like that.
I am on a roll like butter, painted threee, count em , little Hatian paintings this morning. Wrote some letters to get some marketing workshops for spring.

I am a happy, happy guy.
On purpose.

I am on Facebook now. No face, but info.
More later,

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