Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Phone Buddies Matter

Making art is a solo act act in the studio.
I have several phone buddies, they are artists also.
It's just great to be able to talk to them.
I will name them at a later date.

Spring Paintings

I am doing a series of spring paintings. The color in Denver is just great!!!!
I like to commemorate the seasons.The older I get the faster the seasons come and go.
I like to think of my paintings as a kind log of my life, season to season.
Thomas Kinkade wont see another season on this planet.I will continue to record life around me.

Been Busy

I have been busy doing the business part of my art life. The best art is business.
Artists are a dime a dozen in Colorado. Many of them are too lazy to do business.
I am not one of them. I think of three things each day, to advance my art career.
I mean every day. I like to heat and eat from my effort. I will do the business part
always and on purpose.