Friday, April 16, 2010

Sold some work

I opened my mail yesterday, and a check fell out. A docent that I met in the center where I was in an exhibition said to send her art under one hundred dollars.
I mentioned to the docent in a letter I sent, that I had some small works for one hundred dollars and under. The docent told me that I should pick out something and send it to her.Pretty cool.
I also get to talk on art in Denver at the center to the docent group, for a fifty dollar fee. I have to speak for only forty-five minutes. Drought broken. Yippee!!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Life Lessons

Yesterday I went to see the last day of the exhibition I was in.
There was a not nice black guy, who I was introduced to.
The guy was snobby and arrogant. I tried to be nice, I aked his name, he wouldn't say who he was.
I have seen this guy somewhere and will again. I'll be nice again.
The lesson for me is, there are peopple who keep your feet on the ground, no matter what you have achieved.
I am good with that. I am writing a book- titled The Good, The bad, The Ugly and the Dumb.
Been working on it for a few years, I will be adding the above to my manuscript.