Thursday, November 22, 2012

If any one wants some cool art mail from me, send a request to 1723 E25th Avenue, Denver Colorado, 80205-5505. I will send some cool marketing tips also.
I have to say, it's my mission to do well as an artist. I have to do well to combat all the people who, have ignored my art all these years. I am glad that I can proceed to succeed by sheer determination. I will ARTON! ON PURPOSE. I AM COMMITTED. Had to say it!
NSABOB means NON Starving ARTIST. Just had to clear that up. It just came to me to say it. See my Youtube talk on my shoebox paintings. Just sold eight on November 17th-2012. A married artist couple bought them. Two of the work will be gifts to out of town people. YAY! See Hear my NPR interview too. Google for it.
Have to make note of Thanksgiving. I am thankful for everything, that has allowed me to be the creative person I am. I thrive off of all the blogs,ideas, energy of my creative inspiring colleagues. A BIG THANKS to all. BRAVO!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I am using what I call the Wyeth technique , I have been painting close to home. I mean my neighborhood. I have found some great subjects at hand. I live about fifteen minutes from a city park. I painted a series of fall works there. Great fun and didn't have to travel far. My art life ain't too bad these days.
I am coaching artists on business/survival/money making. I am doing this at no charge for a limited time. I notice that in the trade magazines for artists, there are workshops galore on technique, but no focus on basic nuts and bolts art life. I have several time tested methods that have allowed me to have a good working class art career. I will share them by email., I have some tip sheets that I can send, if people want them by snail mail.
I have not been here in awhile, I got caught up in Facebook. Anyhoo- I am on a rant because Denver Public Schools acts like visual art is some kind of second rate part of education. Well it ain't!!!! Art is a career and a profession. Recently DPS got voters to say yes to art and enrichment programs in the schools. That is the upside. The down side is, DPS wont' solicit visual artists from the Denver community. Sad but true. DPS tolerates visual arts, but love it, not so much. Just hostile thinking, in my opinion.