Monday, March 31, 2008

Taos/Santa Fe Road Trip

Over the spring break, I went to one of my favorite states, New Mexico. I had a great research trip in Taos and Santa Fe. I go to galleries to look and to see what I can do better in my city of Denver. My art life ain't too bad in Denver, because I take charge of it. I market as if my art life depends on it, and it does. I found acres of well made art in New Mexico, the thing I didn't see in galleries, except one was, terms available signs. I think galleries lose business to new people if the payment plan data is not posted. I come across NEW people to art on a regular basis, who do not know that art can be purchased on the time payment plan. Many gallery people say that they tell people about the e-z pay plan. I wonder what they do when there's a bunch of people in the gallery at one time? Payment plans need to be posted, that way new people won't be shy about asking. The end result is, the gallery makes money and the artist does also. I just had to get this off my brain. This trip was very special, I am energized. No art,no life.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I learned early that if I wanted to heat and eat from my artistic effort, I'd better learn the basics about selling my work. I have put together a good set of tools to be able to live the kind of art life I want. I treat marketing and promotion the same way I make a work of art, it's always a work in progress. I shape it, correct it until I get what I want from it. The financially successful artists I know, are very good at the promoting and selling part of their art life.Even as I am writing this , I realize that some one some where is marketing their art. The artist that doesn't want to do the business part of their art careers, makes it better for those of us who do.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I run into so many people who don't realize that there are large numbers of artists who, are able to make a living from their artistic effort. There are I would guess, thousands of artists of every discipline who , are going to the bank and paying their bills with proceeds from their sales. I know I am. I will hazard a guess that the people who don't think artists are able to make it in todays economy must not read the papers and publications that talk about successful artists.