Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Success On The Street!!!!!

On Sunday 9-19-2010, I was in a street fair. The event was part of an home tour, that is held annually ,in a very diverse neighbor hood in Denver's Parkhill area.
I knew it would be a long day. I don't show on the street, as a general rule.
Once in awhile I take a chance to see if I can make some WAM=waliking around money.
Well, I did make some WAM.
I took my shoebox paintings out to see what would happen. I did gooood,Hollywood.
I made the booth fee and some extra dough. I also traded for four bottles of wine and some cash. At the end of the event, I traded for some handmade soap.
I am in the artzone big time. My shoebox paintings are, 5x7inch to 6x8inch works I
make , several at a time. I have a good artbank of these works to draw on,yeah , I know pun intended.
I did not go out on the street broke, I took two Grants with me.
Money generates mo' money.
Time and patience matters.
Suceess does too.

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