Monday, May 17, 2010

No Knowledge

I am comming across alot of people these days, who do not realize the number of artists who, are making a living with their work.
I was in the Denver Art Museum on the 16 th of May 2010, I was introduced to a volunteer as an artist that made a living as an artist.
The lady seemed to be surprised and made a comment about how hard it must be to be an artist fulltime.
I politely in formed her, that there are thousands of artists who pay their way as artists.
I told her , if an artist treats their artlives like a business , they can have a decent art career.
I also mentioned that the business of being an artist is not taught in art schools as a general rule.
I think that Andy Warhol said " After art, the best art is the business of art."
I heartily agree with that concept.
I can name about fifty artists that I know pesonally, who, support themselves with their art.
I am glad when I come across "freshman" who don't realize how successful many artists are.
I can only say, so many people to inform, so little time.
Art education 101, comes with the territory.
Cheers and art ,
Bob Ragland.
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