Monday, November 10, 2008

More About Time Payments

People will spend two thousand dollars a year on latte and bottled water, then they say they can't afford art. I say too bad. With the present economy people have to make some choices. That's understandable,at the same time, art is long.One thing that I know, every one is not broke. Time payments work, if people want to take advantage of the system. People get the art the deserve.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Being An Artist Everyday

I am feeling grateful just to be able to be an artist everyday, I so am glad I don't have to break rocks for a living. The fall season here in Colorado has been spectacular. The streets and side walks are golden with fallen leaves, I have a series of small paintings in progress to celebrate this 2008 autumn. I just wanted to be on record with my observations and just glad to be alive and artful.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cherry Picking Buyers/Collectors

I am able to cherry pick art buyers and or collectors, because I live on very little money. I designed my art life so that I could manage to be an artist every day with or with out the support of galleries,posers,promisers, etc. I also made it a point to have an artist in residence gig at all times. This gives me some regular income. If I had to scrap in the alleys to get some money to support my art life , I would. So far I have not had to do any thing not related to my being an artist. The NEA says that there are two million full time artists in the work force now a days. I am one of them and intend to keep on being one as long as I draw breath.

Art Education 101 and The New Art Person

I had a visit with an artist friend of mind last week end. The artist makes very cool objects from found objects. The works were priced under five hundred dollars. I asked the artist if he had any interest? He said that three of the works had some interest. I asked why people were hesitant? The answer was no money. I asked if he offered time payments? He said he told them that he offered a payment plan.

I noticed that his price list did not mention in writing that he had terms available. I mentioned that in the future , that maybe it would be helpful to write it on the price list.
People have to be educated about art all the time in my opinion. It's the 101 stuff that the art culture does not consistently do.
Sales are lost because of the neglect of basic art education information in writing.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

On The Road To See Walt Kuhn

I am writing this from Colorado Springs. I took a little road trip to visit the Colorado Springs Art Center. I wanted to see a Walt Kuhn exhibition. The art center has a collection of 27 works on exhibit. The paintings are works that the artist did mostly from memory. I have done the same for many years. The Colorado Springs Art Center has quite a permanent collection and most of all it's one of the most user friendly art centers I have visited.