Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The current issue of Vanity Fair magazine has a great article on Peter Max.
There's good background on his art career.
Even if people don't like his work , there is something to be learned about art
marketing if one reads the story with an open mind.
I'm just saying.


Oprah Don't Like Visual Artists

I had a conversation with a colleague this morning. We both wondered why Miss Oprah, ain't so hot on black visual artists?

Here's a person who could help an underserved part of art America, by just saying some thing. But nooooooo- all we ever get is the performing arts, getting all of the play.

Dang!!!! Elizabeth Catlett is senior enough by now to have more recognition and we need someone who has a lot of influence in the media to talk about it.
It's just baffeling.
I had to get this off my brain.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Discipline Equals Progress

I try to do something for my artlife everyday.
So far , so good.
Art careers require constant maintenance.
I cheek my list at the end of each day,my progress is steady.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sheree Rensel-COOL!

I really like SR's blog, that artist has some interesting things to say.
The art life ain't easy, but somehow ,we artists continue.
I say since we are on the planet, we may as well have the art life we design.
I just had to say this, I really dig having this blog,to get rid of bottled up art thoughts.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

To ARTON matters.

I get the feeling once in awhile, that people are ignoring us artists, just because they can. I don't care, I ARTON anyway.
Life is too short, to not make the art I want to make.
I figure as long as I do my outreach, sooner or later, I will find appreciators.
I have come a long way, I am here to artfuly stay. I am not broke or begging and I am not a victim.
Art is my life and always will be. I have a lot of work out in the world tht people own.
Doing good, Hollywood. I love having this blog, I get to run my fingers any way I want to. I get to vent too.

I ARTON on purpose.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Art Education

I have a sign in my car window, that says Non-starving artist on board.
A lady saw it and asked what it meant?
I was glad to tell the freshman, that I am non- starving artist.
I also mentioned that there are many of us in Denver and Colorado.
I know the latte drinkers and digital headed people, really don't have too much time
for us artists, so I am going to be promoting the non-starving artist project until
I get tired. I am having big fun at seventy -one.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Freshmen to art

I attended an art festival in downtown Denver over the Memorial day weekend. I found the art to be very reasonable in price and well made. I was baffled by what seemed to be the lack of sales. A lot of the art was priced at $500 and under. it seemed to me, that people were reluctant to buy, maybe it's just me, many people seem to have a so what attitude. Freshman to art , need to be educated.
I feel sympathy for artists who sit on the street for days and may not make any money. I find the art is sound and as I said earlier well made. I am thinking ,that maybe there needs to be a some sort of unified educational effort put forth by the art culture on why art should be purchased.
For the price of 10 or 20 lattes, people could get art , which they get to keep, the latte they rent, if you get my meaning.

I am glad that my days of showing on the street are a thing of the past.
I do hustle steadily all year , that way I don't get complacent.
No effort, no result.

Freshman have a chance to become educated to art buying, that's why I call em'