Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Thoughts

My plan is full speed ahead on my art career. I will take direct action to not starve.
I will be an advocate for visual artists, some one has to do it. no whining from me.I will help others when asked. I will not tolerate any dis respect for my chosen profession. I am glad Thomas Kincade is rich. I won't abide art illiterate people.
My plan is to serve my art gift everyday of 2012. I won't sell art to anyone I don't like.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Real Artists Don't Starve!!!!!

i originated this slogan many years ago to remind my self, to do what ever it takes, to have an art life. I love being an artist , I made up my mind long ago, to do what ever I needed to do, to support myself as an artist. I have developed a whole bag of cool art career tricks that work. I will continue to develop more cool art tricks.

Some Money Beats No Money

I know of an artist who, just quit a regular source of income.
A regular income is a good thing for an artist to have.I found myself in a similar
situation three years ago. I lost a considerable amount of regular income, my AIR
art gig was shut down at short notice. I always had a an escape plan.
I was unsettled for awhile.
To supplement some of the dough I lost,I devised a plan, to get some art money.
I planned on paper some possible ways to get paid by art.
Long story short , I did many art jobs to have some money and not,zero money.
So far, so good.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dumb Mistake

One time I took some one to an artist's open house. The artist is a very successful artist. Being around him, one can learn a lot. The person I took with me was ready to leave shortly after our arrival. My dumb mistake was, I drove my car to the studio, I should have had the person I took, drive their car.I took the person back to my house
so they could retrieve their car. Sad part was, this person was an artist. They could have learned a lot. I won't make that mistake again.
I always travel solo to art events these days.


I come from a family where, creativity was encouraged.I used to get empty match boxes from my mother, I would make a non working camera out of them.
As an adult ,I now have several cameras. I think of how my whole family is a creative family.

Now IS The Time

Now is the time for the Denver visual art community, to contact the Denver Post, and ask for interviews with the working class artists in the city.
There are some great stories to be told, about our art lives.
Music gets covered all the time. Solidarity is needed. People need to know that visual artists, are faring well during this economic time. I have interviewed several
artists who, are banking on a steady basis.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Less is more

This blog is simple , because I want it that way.
No razzel dazzel here, just simple ideas.
Simplicity on purpose.
Pass it on.
Tell somebody please.

I am Grateful on this Xmas Day

I am very grateful on this Christmas day. I have been able to heat and eat
from mt art effort. I have been able to pass on some of my good fortune.
I have some great colleagues , I have learned a lot from all of them.
My plan is to always be cognizant of how fortunate I am, and to pass it on.
My 2012 is going to be BOFFO!!!!!!!

More Dumb Art Gallery Tricks

I went in to the KINCADE gallery yesterday. The worker running the place didn't EVEN
acknowledge me. That's why he was working in the place and I'm not.
Too bad, he missed a good opportunity. I will be posting more DAGT.
Stay Tuned.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dumb Art Gallery Tricks

Gallery fails to pay on time,fails to mention in writing time payment plans,
puts artist's work on the floor,art directs the artist,fails to have enough money to stay in business,gallery closes doesn't notify the artists,gallery has too many artists,won't keep website up dated, lets audience dictate what art they show.
There will be more of these tricks posted in the future.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thomas Kincade

As quiet as it's kept, TK is a solid impressionist painter in the classical sense.
The artist tried to show and sell his classical work, to the public early in his career. Needless to say,people didn't respond to that art.
The rest as they say is history.
You can't make people like what they don't like.
Kincade is banking big still these days.

Living Artfully Is The Best Revenge

I am gloating a bit here, but I gotta.
As the end of the year looms, I think of all the negative
art situations I have gotten past. I must say I am feeling
accomplished.I have found it's how one reacts to situations that
establish character. I grew up in house where character was very important.
Visual artists face a lot of rejection these days, think of Van Goth
multiplied by thousands of times, when he was alive.
I am glad I have been able to get my revenge by staying the course.
I am living artfully.ON PURPOSE!!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Real Mail Really Works!

I enjoy sending snail mail to some of my friends and colleagues.
I can picture their faces, when they get the letters.
I treat my letters like works of art, I draw on the envelopes and the letters.
I consider my mail part of my art form.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hanging On

I have been good at hanging on art life wise.
I have had doubts all of my art life. I am old enough to say this.
I am glad that, I've made it this far. I haven't worked to the point of overwork, just steadily. I think being diligent is better than working too hard.
I try to pace my self through tasks. So far it's worked. I figure my art life is a marathon and not a sprint. I get to hang in and hang on.

The Oil and Steel Business

Since it's the party time of the year, I attend a few.
I get asked what I do? I love the question. I get to give my favorite answer.
I say " I am in the oil and steel business."
I walk away for awhile then come back and let the person in on the real me.
I tell them I am an artist, I make oil paintings and welded metal sculpture.
I wrote the oil business thing for fun. I like it.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Change Your Zone

I took a walk about yesterday. I went to visit an artist I know, who gallery sits on one day of the week. I always learn new stuff when I change my zone in the art world.
I am an information sponge.I learned a lot of new stuff to add to my skill set. I'll detail it in some later posts. Gotta go to Facebook now. Stand by.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Posting A Bunch!!!!!

I have been posting a bunch, I now have a laptop, I can blaze away from my couch.
More to come. My posts are designed for the two minute mind.

Ned Edmund Jacob

One of my good artist friends is , Ned Jacob.
I learned how to be a professional, respected non-starving artist from this man.
I learned how operate on my on terms,also to be in charge of my art life.
Ned Jacob once said "If you can draw you can make money."
Ned draws like breathing. He made a living in Denver for years with his wonderful charcoal drawings.
I talked with him by phone recently, he was conducting a drawing and painting workshop at the Scottsdale Artists School.
Ned puts a lot of emphasis on freedom and independence as an artist.He travels
three months of each year, to do what he wants to do. I had to go on record with this.
See him by Google,please.

Real Mail Really Works!

I opened up a holiday card yesterday, and out falls a 20 dollar bill.
I wrote a illustrated letter to a docent, I met a year ago, just to say hello.
I didn't ask for the money, she just sent it to me.
The universe at work.
I like to send real mail to people, I don't send plain mail, ever.
In this day and age, real mail makes people smile.
I will always send my art mail out.

Pass My Blog On Please.

I recently clicked on the comment section of my clog. I found a few peeps were commenting. Soooooo- I am asking you who read my ideas, to link my blog to others,etc.

I Am Mercenary On Purpose!!!!!!!!!

I am going to get as much money as I can as an artist. I don't mean big money, just regular money. I can do more with a dollar, than a monkey with a peanut.
No dough, no respect. Double that thought if you are an artist with no money.I have said this before, I 'll say it again, real artists get paid.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Newsweek Magazine December 12,2011

The December 12, 2011 of Newsweek magazine has a very good article on art buying.
The story is about Art Basel Miami. Fascinating read about the one percent supporting the art percent. A number of artists got richer as a result of this art fair.
The hard copy version is way better than the online version.
It's worth checking out.

Hanging On

I believe in the marathon as an artist. I got to cash some checks today. the money came from surprise art sales. I do all of my own business. I decided long ago to be in charge of my art career.I got to this point by hanging on. I don't chase about trying to be part of the traditional system in Denver. I am a maverick, this allows me freedom ,to do what I want, when I want to in my art life. Having an art gig to support my art habit, allowed me to hang on long enough to get some traction, in the art world. Hanging on matters.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The art bank pays off today.

I got a call to day from one of my early buyers. She wanted to bring her daughter to look in the studio. I always have art to see, I work consistently. I believe in having enough choices for studio visitors. I sold three works to my visitors. The works were from my shoebox inventory.My studio is on the top floor of my house, I took my visitors upstairs and I went back downstairs so as to not hover.
My art bank pays off again.I am thankful.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So Much Art

I just came in from my tour of the small art shows.
There is a lot to see, all of the art is solid.
The work is available for every budget, except broke.
One can become saturated with the abundance of works to select from.
The Denver audience is so spoiled because there is so , much art to select from.
In fact the audience is downright blase about art in Denver.
Any artist that sells any work, should feel very fortunate.
I know I do.

Real Artists Always

Real artists always take charge of their art lives.
They realize that being the CEO of their business matters.
I know real artists who abide by these rules all the time.
I happen to be one of them.People who don't make art, think that we artists
always need them, well they are wrong.
Real artists proceed to succeed on purpose.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me-But----

Today is my birthday, I am glad to be able to post this.To vertical really matters to me. The but part is , my land line has been dead for two days. I don't have or want a cellphone at this time.I plan on calling the phone company tomorrow. Glad I had a slush fund to by the lap top, to make this entry.
The universe has away of keeping one in line.
I got a lot of B-day wishes on Facebook. Very thoughtful.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Robert Genn on BlogTalk Radio

Robert Genn , originator of The Painters Keys, was interviewed on Blog Talk Radio.
This happened on 12-1-11. It's a very good interview, I see his foto on the site, to hear his voice is a good thing to relate to his foto.
The Painters Keys is loaded with useful information.

No Rescue

Real artists do not wait to be rescued, ain't gonna happen.
We artists have to rescue ourselves,on purpose.

My Art Life 2011-December

Some things you don't get to be in control of. My phones are dead. I have paid the bill. I never miss. People have been trying to get a hold of me and I didn't know it.
I ain't broke, I can get the repair done. This kind of stuff seems to happen only on weekends. DANG!!!!!!
I treated myself to a laptop, good thing I did. I'm connected at least.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Art Life

I loved art so much all I just wanted to be able to support my self.
I am grateful that I have been able to do it. So far, so good.

Sold Again

I sold another set of paintings today. The works are from my shoebox paintings. YAY!
The artworks were all painted from memory. I tend to make work this way often.
The brain is like a tape recorder that plays back data, if one trusts one's brain
many good results happen. I must remember this on a regular basis. I paint even if I don't have an immediate place to show the work. My art bank always pays off.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Progress 2011

I was returning from an artist's studio open house today -12-3-11, the temp was 14 degrees.
Years ago I attended the same open house in the same kind of weather. I was driving a car that was cold and balky. I mention this, because I wondered if I would ever progress enough in my art life to do better. The artist always sells well at his events. I wondered if I would ever sell, any art that would let me do better, in my own art career. I am happy to announce, I have a warm better running car, money in the bank,decent art and business skills. I consider myself a working class artist.
Going to Ramon Kelley's studio open houses all of these years has been good for my own career progress.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I was asked what inspires me as an artist?
My answer was, I don't wait for inspiration. I do keep a list of future works of art that I want to attempt to make.
I think inspiration is highly overated.
That is why, I don't wait for it.

Got Paid

I go the last payment on a sculpture I sold a wek ago.
I sold the art to a couple who, I met last year in front of my home studio.
I am glad they remembered me. I have some found object sculpture in front of my home/studio, often people comment on the work. It pays to advertise.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Visual Artist's Stories

I may have blogged this before, I wish there were more newspaper stories about
artists lives.I mean working class artists. CBS Sunday morning used to do great great segments on working class artists. Charles Karault passed away and so did good stories on working class artists. Dang!!!!

Thanksgiving 2011

Just got in from having a dinner at friends house. Nice to have some where to go on holidays. As I get older , it doesn't take much to appreciate the simple things in life. I have my art ability, bread and shelter, friends,
life and a good Thanksgiving 2011.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Famous Me????

I was told how "famous" I am today by someone today.It was a nice complement,I don't take it lightly.
It's special to have some recognize me and my dedication to my artistic discipline.

Still Working On Purpose

I was asked by some one if I was still painting?
Well, I had the pleasure of saying , it's what I have to do.
I am still working on my art and artlife on purpose.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


WOW!WOW!WOW!, I just dicovered the comment section of my blog. Geeze!
Thanks to all who have left comments.I'll check more often.I am still new roockie at the web. The artist Steve Magsis has some great small works on his site. See Postcards From Detroit. He gets a lot of data in to a 5X7inch painting. I'm reinspired about my shoebox paintings. Bravo!!!!!

Being Better?

Artists often speak of being better. I have seen early work by an artist and it looked very good to me.Later work has it's good qualities also. I think some artists are too hard on themselves about their work. It's good to want to be better at making one's art.I just do the best I can
at the time when I am making the work. Artmaking is always subjective,so is being better.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I just sold one of my metal sculptures.
The buyer was someone I met about ayear ago.
I have some sculpture in front of my house and often people will comment on the work.This how we met.I have a collection of sculpture in the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art here in Denver, turns out the buyer had seen my work there. This led to the sale.
The amusing thing about this sale is,when the buyer called me, I asked him if he was in town, he said" I am on your front porch". This made me laugh.
The art game is full of mystery. I took the buyer to my upstairs studio and he saw some of my recent small paintings and was very taken with them.
He stated that he was buying my sculpture for his wife for a gift.
One never knows when something will be sold. Funny thing, I had just looked at the buyers address in my roladex afew days ago.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Info Needed In Documentary

I saw a documentary on PBS a couple days ago, the film was titled "Colored Frames". The doc was very informative about the plight of black american artists. Much of the information was the standard talk have heard for years.
When I see stories about artists, I am always interested in how the artists put bread on the table. Interviewers seem to skirt around the money part of an artist's life. Survival as an artist is very important. The questions about survival,sales,collectors, and day to day life should be asked.

Monday, November 14, 2011

More For My Artbank

I just painted two small works for my Artbank.
I call my inventory of shoebox works, my Artbank, because sooner or later
I get to cash in on the work.
I figure if I don't have the art to sell when the opportunity presents itself,
I don't get paid.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good News

I had a converstion this past weekend with one of my colleagues.
The artist had a show in her home studio in October, she sold fifty-seven
paintings. I thought that is great news, it says that people are stil spending money on art and not just coffee. Good news.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mitt Romney Wants Arts Cuts

I recently heard on NPR, Mitt Romney wants to abolish the Natioinal Endowment
for the arts if elected. Dang!!!!!
Just wanted to mention it.

Friday, November 4, 2011

American Art Review Magazine

I really like AAR, this publication lets you know how artists of the past worked and lived.The publication is one of two that I subscribe to.
Call me old fashioned, but I do like art of the past. The Ashcan school is
among my favs. I do like impressionist art alot.
I had to blog this.
Check oout American Art Review.

Monday, October 31, 2011

William F. Reese Artist

I read a book by the artist WM. F. Reese. The book is a practical guide for the artist. I mention this because I get stuck for ideas sometimes.
Reading books from my personal library gets me unstuck.
I reccomend the book by Bill Reese very highly.
This artist is no longer with us. His wisdom and art is.
See the book if you can.

Euromaxx On TV

There's an arts program on television titled Euromaxx. This program is excellent, it always has an segment on the visiual arts. I mention this , because of the lack of programs on the visual arts in the USA. NPR has launched a new music show this month.The Denver NPR station does not do
enough visual arts segments that features the working artists in this city and
I think people would like to hear interviews with visual artists and their lives in local areas. The art life is interesting and the journeyman artist
has a lot to say. Interviews via radio could be informative and entertaining.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Art Mags Won't Talk Money?

I read a number of art publications on a regular basis. I notice that there is a lot of data on how to paint rocks, trees, etc.
I notice that there is very little nuts and bolts information on the business
part of being an artist. There is one magazine that show artists in there studios, some of which are as big as my house. I wonder how these artists can afford this kind of workspace. I know that one has to sell a lot of art
to have some kind of artlife.
I wish that art magazines would ask artists about money.
The dicussion would be informative and helpful in my opinion.
No money, no artlife.

Big Snow Survivor

Well the big snow here in Denver is over, Whew!!!!
My car battery decided to die. It was about time, past its sell by date any way.
Glad I have the dough to buy another. Tree branches broken all over the place, I happy to report , I didn't have to deal with that.
Making art and life stuff aint easy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Painting On the Porch

Today I painted on my front porch. I am making color notes for a larger
painting. The cerulean blue and yellow leaves is quite a challenge paint.
I'll do a couple more inthe coming days.

Monday, October 24, 2011

In The Park

Painted in the park today, temp was 79 degrees.
I have been working in the studio for the majority of the the year.
I heard on the radio that our great fall weather is going to break to low temps this week. I figured I 'd better get out and see if I still had my
plein air skills. I got two small works done. It was great to be able to leave my home studio to work.
The park is not far from my house, about 15 minutes.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The New Yorker Artstar Story

In the New Yorker magazine October 3,2011, I read astory about artist Jacob
Kassay. The story told of his work being snapped up by eager buyers.
Some of this young artist's work are bringing big bucks.
I wonder how long this artist's career will last? Financial success is good as long as the artist is smart about the business of being an artist.
I feel it ain't how much money the artist is paid, it's about how much the artist gets to keep.
It takes regular dough to have an art life.

I Phone Madness

I saw on the news last evening the number of Iphones that were sold.
The count was in the millions. I thought people didn't have any money.
The news story said otherwise. I guess this means some people have some money to spend on istuff but not art.

The Art Spirit

I have a book titled the The Art Spirit by Robert Henri.
I have had this small paperback fro years,it has great advice and is a good
reference book. Robert Henri's writing is what tweets are like to day.
I just wanted to mention the book.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Staying In Touch

I find that picking up the phone and calling people that I have not talked to in awhile, is a good idea. I get an idea about the art world in general through my conversations. I do this with artists that I know , mainly people who are journeymen artists like myself. I get data on sales and artlife in general. Information matters and it's good to stay in touch by phone.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ai Wei Wei

I have been following the career of the artist Ai Wei Wei. The BBC did an
interview with him a couple days ago. Being an artist in China ain't a lot of fun. The censors are always watching. I am glad I am not in China as an

Painting Fall

I am doing my best to capture the fall season. The colors are spectacular.
I am mainly working to paint my immpression of fall, rather than be literal.
I try to do this every fall season. It's big fun to paint on my front porch.
I can hunker down behind a blind that I have for privacy and paint away.
I am working in acrylic. I do have a series of oil paintings that I am working on in my upstairs studio.
The weather is so nice at this time, I have to work outside as long as I can.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A walk in the Park

I took awalk in the park today, I was looking for ideas to continue working on my fall series. I tend to work according to the season. If it's winter , I make a series of winter pictures, summmer, spring and fall pictures get my attention. The fall light is dazzeling to me, the color is also.
I came back to my home studio and paintd a small acrylic watercolor.
I am trying to do more transparent acrylics. It's a challenge.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Art Magazines

I visit a book store in Denver called the Tattered Cover. I go to look at the art magazines.I look a them and often come away thinking, there's a lot of art being made all the time. Art magazines can show one what's being done
artwise in the land. There's some thing for every taste, from the sublime to the most baffeling. I used to buy art publications on a regular basis.
Now I just peruse them in bookstores. One can be overwhelmed so much information . I 'll just stick to my own personal library and limit my
looking at art magazines.


I have doubt about my work, often I get concerned about how well made
the work is. I will fret about some paintings,because of color and composition. The strange thing is,once I show the works , the very ones
I had doubt about are ofte tne very ones that people will buy.

Fall Paintings

I am working on a series of fall acrylic watercolor paintings.
The color in the fall is always so visual. I have a couple of 6x9 inch
works that I have completed,I put the works in a place so I can see them
anew. So far so good. I will do several more soon.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Taking Art to the People

The street fair reminded me that I have to take my art to the people, some times. I would not have made any money just sitting in my studio.
I do the alternative venues every now and then just to see what I can drum up. I don't push as much as I used to. Must be age I guess. I am thinking of doing a home show of the shoebox works before years end. One thing for sure I do have the work.

Who Knows?

Who knows what people will be interested in , when it somes to art?
I mention this because , the art I selected for the street fair was done in a random manner. I had some sunflower paintings that sold right away. I painted a series of them last year. I did the work from memory.
One buyer said she was buying the sunflower painting for a relative.
I am gald I work in series. One never can tell what people will respond
to when it comes to art. Who Knows?

More Street Fair Notes

At the street fair, a lady bought two of my shoebox works.
I mention this because the lady said she thought I was out of her price range. Her perception was, I was so "famous", that my work was expensive.
I told her that I always made it a point to have affordable art ,
My thinking is, artists should always have work available for any budget.
I made some signs for the fair that read- "Small Art for Small Budgets".
I got a good response as a result.

Working from memory

I have sold several paintings done from memory.
I tend to fret over these works. Just have to have faith in them.
So I will continue to make them.


I just want to be on the record, I don't have any faith in the BEBACKS.
I have built up an immunity to the BEBACK virus.
The street fair on Sunday 25 September was full of BEBACKS.

EarlyWork Found in Yard Sales

A lady told me that she had bought one of my paintings at a yard sale.
I have been active as an artist since 1966. I figure after working for such a long time, there's no telling where my work will end up.
I told the lady that I would call to see the early painting of mine.
This exchange happened at the Park Hill street fair.

Made some WAM

I was in a street fair on Sunday 25, September. I was able to make my booth fee back and some WAM. WAM is walking around money.
The weather was very nice. I took my shoe box art. Sold about eight little paintings. I price to sell. The artworks are 5x7inches up to 6x8inches.
The shoe box works, some of them can be seen on youtube.
I priced them at $35-$75. I do what ever it takes to heat and eat as an artist.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Taking It Slow

I have been taking it slow artwise.
I have been coping with hot weather, this makes me sluggish.
I am still painting in fits and starts, the small works.
I do have a large inventory to put in the marketplace.
I plan on having some home shows in the fall.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Taking A Different Route

I just read wizzelwolf's blog and discovered that the artist has changed her position in the art universe.
I read that she rented a studio to get more traffic.
Good idea, sometimes an artist has to take their art to the people.
Wizzelwolf is a very productive and clever artist.
I hope people get their money out and buy some Wizzwelwolf art.

The Long Run

Art careers are life long, at least they should be. I mention this because of many reality shows on television.I wonder how many of the participants
will go on to have life long careers in their artisitic disiciplines?
I know how much work it takes to be a visual artist, as I have been doing the art life for a long time. I know that there are many who, don't have what it takes to do the long run in the arts.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Data

Art festivals in Denver do not give any reports on sales,after the events are over.
I feel that a good report would be very encouraging to other artists.
I also feel that more sales of art would be made in Denver if the festival organizers would do an end of festival general sales report.

Cherry Creek Arts Fest

The CCAF was very active, I saw a lot of art being sold.
The CCAF has something for any budget. I am glad that I went.
People seem to be spending money for art, no matter the times
I did speak to one artist who said it cost her $2000 to do a art fest in Chicago.
One has to have the money to to art festivals.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

David Hockney

I just read an article on the artist David hockney. This has quite a career,
at present he works out of a 10,000 square foot studio in England.
Hockney has made a lot of money and he spends it on technology.
The artist has been drawing on I- pads and mounting exhibitions of the works
on walls of galleries.The art is shown on a group of I-pads and I-phones.
I read the story in the Sunday London Times Culture magazine.
I have followed this artist for quite awhile.He's 73 years old,to me this gives him the license to do what he wants to do.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Art Friends

Art friends are special, I have a few.
Recently one of my art friends called and invited me to lunch on them.
This made my day. Most artists I know are very busy ,so when I get a chance to see any of them in person it's a treat.
I do have some artists that I call on the phone,we get a chance to catch up
on the latest art news.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Artists Still Work

I went to an art festitval briefly yesterday.
Saw some wellmade work.
Seems that people were spending,I was glad to see that
artists were still at work.

Monday, May 23, 2011

No Instant Art Sucess

I am remembering a reality show from last year, about making an artist an art star.
I got to thinking. I wonder if the artist that was selcted, will proceed
to have a long art career?
With the number of artists in the mix, the mission is to be able to go the distance. The real thing about being an artist is, there ain't no instant art careers. Success is something that has to go the distance.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Technology is encroaching on the visiual arts. The fast pace of life is even faster because of all of the screentime people are involved in.
People don't take the time to look at works of arts the way they used to.
This is my observation. People rush around like crazy.
I have had artists mention that they have been in homes, where there
were flatscreen television sets on every wall.
So paintings do not get much space in these situations.
There's a lot of competition for people's attention these days.
I think the visual arts will have a difficult time in th future.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Any Sae Is a Good Sale.

I recently closed on a couple of sales. In this economic climate, any sale is a good sale.
I sold the art to a museum. This transaction took six months.
Patience rules.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Studio Intern

I have a studio intern, she is learning about
the art business. I have tried to give her as much information
about business and survival as I have available.
This in my first experience to have a art intern.
Michelle Kimball is her name. She's completeing a BFA
program. Her senior experience is the time she spends
in my home studio.
The everyday life of an artist is full of boring stuff
that has to be done.
Many things have to be done before the art gets made.
It's just the way it is , real life.
Michelle has been a great person to have as an art intern.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dean Mitchell Successful Artist

I got a call from Dean Mitchell to day.
I t's away good to hear from him.
Dean is a diligent artist , he keep s regular studio
Dean has built a brand, his phone rings on a regular basis.
It's always goood when people do think to call an artist ,to do business.
Dean's good at getting press for himself.
The artist sells his work on a steady basis, so much so,
that he's liquid on the money side.
Dean is a good businessman artist.

Scholarship Says No.

I got a call from a museum asking if I had any data on black artists, who worked in Colorado from 1800-1960?
I looked through my reference library and found that there's was no record of artists who are black for that time period.
If there were any, there's no record of them.
my study in this time period, shows that there was no interest or support for black art makers.
I do have lots of information on black artists nationally.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's alway special to see the spring flowers and trees that are in bloom.
The new green growth gives me a chance to change my palette.
I have developed the habit of painting the seasons.
My winter palette has turned to spring.

Monday, April 11, 2011

No Pro Bono Again

I got asked again to do a career day , for no pay.
I can't give up a whole day to talk about my art career.
I can work in front of my easel , and create future income. It
seems on can never work long enough to be paid honorariums.
I don't like doing free talks, not for a whole day.

Spring Has Sprung

I haven't posted for awhile, getting my rythum back.
Painting pictures of new growth of spring.
Noticing how the landscape looks and the crocus colors.
The new green can be difficult to paint.
I am working in series to get the practice of the color.
Working from memory and observation often, the brain is
like a tape recorder in some ways, I just play back what
I remember, I am certain a filtering process edits out
unecessary data.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Started Again

I feel like I am moving in slow motion.
The new year always does that to me.I using the first quarter of 2011, to plan for the second quarter.I have some homeshows in the works. I just want to make some WAM. WAM is walking around money.
I have all of my other operating expenses covered.
I am still making the shoe box art. I always try to make the work no matter what else is going on. I do the dishes and laundry after the art is made.
I have found working small , lets me get the chopping wood ,hauling water
part of my art life done.
I still believe in selling my work face to face.
I'll do it as long as I can.