Sunday, August 29, 2010

Public Education and The Arts,NOT!!!!!

Public education and the fine arts ain't friends, not so much. It's a wonder that people
go on to have careers in the fine arts. Public education does not encourage students to
become painters,potters, jewelers, printmakers, portrait painters and all of the rest
in the visual arts. DANG!!!
It's just wrong headed thinking. Freshman forever, those, who don't think one can
make a career of the fine arts. People should have the work they want, not some job they have to take. There ain't nothing wrong with being happy at one's work.
Public ed and the fine arts will never see eye to eye. Too bad , too sad.
One thing for sure, inspite of the oil and water feeling about art, real artists will prevail.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Business As Usual

I continue to hear people mention how proficient an artist's work is.
Well I have to always say, it doesn't matter how well made the work is, it still has to be sold.
Artists who make, quote, good work, are a dime a dozen.
Business is an art form, business matters.
The sooner artists make peace with the BUSINESS part of their art life the better they will all be.
I am just saying.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Kind of Artist Am I?

The other day , I was asked what kind of artist I was ?
I was in line at a business, I had my Non-Starving Artist cap on.
I answered, I am avery successful artist with no mortgage payments.
Every one in the line paid attention the exchange between myself and
the person behind the counter who made asked the question.
I was really happy, to be able to make my statement for all to hear.
One of the problems with us artists is, too many people are socialized
into believeing we are all broke and starving. NOT!!!!!!
I have a list of artists ,that I know who are going to the bank ,as a result of their
artistic effort.
I have been doing the art dance since 1966, I have pretty decent business skill set.
I am old enough and bold enough to let people know us artists are doing very well
inspite of the conventional mythlogy about the visual artist.
I will be the vuvulahza for all of us.
I got the cash to back it up.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sheree Rensel Artist

Hi Sheree,
You can email me at,
New address.
I do like your blog a whole lot.
I want to say you will ARTON!!!! No matter what.
I was an artist in residence for a school for 14 years, the program was killed in May of 2009.
The drawing and painting studio was shut down abruptly.
I don't miss the freshman, some of my colleagues, yes.
I have a whole new artlife, these days , I saved some money to land softly.
I am being positive for your present siuation , if I may be so bold.
You will proceed to succeed, you have skills. Your work is solid.