Sunday, May 23, 2010

Other Successful Artists

I 'd like to hear from other artists on how they proceed to have good art lives.
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Road Trip New Mexico

I am posting this from one of my favorite places. I am in Santa Fe New Mexico.
I can get here in a short drive from Denver. I was not able to get here in 2009.
This is a research trip , I learn what to do about improving my art life in Denver, as a result of the NM jaunts.

People who live in art colonies tend to be complacent about art career progress and marketing. It's easy to get comfortable in a place where people tend to spend money on art with a little effort.

In Denver, which is not an art destination, one has to hustle to sell.
Personally , I like the hustle, I intend to do as well as I can on purpose.
I am not a starving artist by design, I just do the nusts and bolts stuff.

More later.

Monday, May 17, 2010

No Knowledge

I am comming across alot of people these days, who do not realize the number of artists who, are making a living with their work.
I was in the Denver Art Museum on the 16 th of May 2010, I was introduced to a volunteer as an artist that made a living as an artist.
The lady seemed to be surprised and made a comment about how hard it must be to be an artist fulltime.
I politely in formed her, that there are thousands of artists who pay their way as artists.
I told her , if an artist treats their artlives like a business , they can have a decent art career.
I also mentioned that the business of being an artist is not taught in art schools as a general rule.
I think that Andy Warhol said " After art, the best art is the business of art."
I heartily agree with that concept.
I can name about fifty artists that I know pesonally, who, support themselves with their art.
I am glad when I come across "freshman" who don't realize how successful many artists are.
I can only say, so many people to inform, so little time.
Art education 101, comes with the territory.
Cheers and art ,
Bob Ragland.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Henry Moore Is In Town

Last weekend I spent time with Henry Moore.
Who knew?
The Denver botanical gardens has a collection of the sculptor's work on loan until 2011. YAY!!!!!
I will see them again.

Data Proof Artists

I am running a series of career talks in the city , I am mainly doing this with freshman artists. I have found the seasoned artists are rather data proof.
Art schools will graduate over thirty thou8sand art students this year.
These individuals won't have the first clue about being an artist in the real world.
They pays their tuition, and gits no business position.
I am working on fixing that situation.
I have a lot of no nonsense doable tricks to help the freshman artists have art lives.
All they have to do is get ahold of me.
I have tools that art professors refuse to use.
I guarantee results too.
To be a sucessful artist , one can't be data proof.

Celebrating Life Through Art

I am very busy these days, an artist has to be many things in order to have a decent art life. I am happy to be alive, Seems that I am losing colleagues every time I look around.
This makes me do more with my time, I tend not be a time waster anyway.
I am glad to see the spring flowers in the Denver area, I paint a series of spring paintings to celebrate life and art each year.

I do this each year. ON PURPOSE.
My art life is steady, it's been a year since I was cut form my AIR gig.
I don't miss them freshman at all,the ones with their pants on the ground and their IQ going down.
I get to run the Bob Ragland Brand full tilt, and it feels sooooo good.
I am still able to heat and eat as an artist. Yippeeeeee!
It feels good to celebrate life through art.