Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Studio Intern

I have a studio intern, she is learning about
the art business. I have tried to give her as much information
about business and survival as I have available.
This in my first experience to have a art intern.
Michelle Kimball is her name. She's completeing a BFA
program. Her senior experience is the time she spends
in my home studio.
The everyday life of an artist is full of boring stuff
that has to be done.
Many things have to be done before the art gets made.
It's just the way it is , real life.
Michelle has been a great person to have as an art intern.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dean Mitchell Successful Artist

I got a call from Dean Mitchell to day.
I t's away good to hear from him.
Dean is a diligent artist , he keep s regular studio
Dean has built a brand, his phone rings on a regular basis.
It's always goood when people do think to call an artist ,to do business.
Dean's good at getting press for himself.
The artist sells his work on a steady basis, so much so,
that he's liquid on the money side.
Dean is a good businessman artist.

Scholarship Says No.

I got a call from a museum asking if I had any data on black artists, who worked in Colorado from 1800-1960?
I looked through my reference library and found that there's was no record of artists who are black for that time period.
If there were any, there's no record of them.
my study in this time period, shows that there was no interest or support for black art makers.
I do have lots of information on black artists nationally.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's alway special to see the spring flowers and trees that are in bloom.
The new green growth gives me a chance to change my palette.
I have developed the habit of painting the seasons.
My winter palette has turned to spring.

Monday, April 11, 2011

No Pro Bono Again

I got asked again to do a career day , for no pay.
I can't give up a whole day to talk about my art career.
I can work in front of my easel , and create future income. It
seems on can never work long enough to be paid honorariums.
I don't like doing free talks, not for a whole day.

Spring Has Sprung

I haven't posted for awhile, getting my rythum back.
Painting pictures of new growth of spring.
Noticing how the landscape looks and the crocus colors.
The new green can be difficult to paint.
I am working in series to get the practice of the color.
Working from memory and observation often, the brain is
like a tape recorder in some ways, I just play back what
I remember, I am certain a filtering process edits out
unecessary data.