Thursday, May 13, 2010

Celebrating Life Through Art

I am very busy these days, an artist has to be many things in order to have a decent art life. I am happy to be alive, Seems that I am losing colleagues every time I look around.
This makes me do more with my time, I tend not be a time waster anyway.
I am glad to see the spring flowers in the Denver area, I paint a series of spring paintings to celebrate life and art each year.

I do this each year. ON PURPOSE.
My art life is steady, it's been a year since I was cut form my AIR gig.
I don't miss them freshman at all,the ones with their pants on the ground and their IQ going down.
I get to run the Bob Ragland Brand full tilt, and it feels sooooo good.
I am still able to heat and eat as an artist. Yippeeeeee!
It feels good to celebrate life through art.

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