Monday, January 28, 2008

Tamayo Art in the trash

What a story , A Rufino Tamayo painting was found in the trash. See the PBS FYI Antiques Roadshow site for info. The NYT had a good story. Approximate date 11/22/07 or The Rocky Mounain News-11/22/07. I'll bet hundreds of people passed by the painting sitting on the sidewalk between two trash bags. Just goes to show, people in a hurry,on the cell phone,being sooo busy miss out on big money.PEOPLE GET THE ART THEY DESERVE!!!!

Good Life, Art Life

Well the art life continues and it is very good. I saw several art exhibitions here in Denver and believe it or not, artists are selling very well. The recession talk is so much" sky is falliing stuff "/ Dang!!!! I intend to have a great art life no matter what the rest of the world says or does. But hey, that's just me. When I go out and survey shows an see that artists are going to the bank,and I am one of them ,coooool. I aint even worried. As long as there is one empty wall or space, I will find it. Cheers and art. Bob Ragland -NON starving artist on purpsoe.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Picasso Works

I went to Las Vegas over the holidays and much to my pleasent surprise, I was able to see over three hundred works by Picasso. What a treat. I am a Picasso scholar, I like the artist's work ethic. My own work isn't anything like his. It's just that he's a good model for me when it comes to producing. I try to make art on a consistent basis. I read somewhere that Leger approached his art with the same kind of commitment. I think art making is a good way to show how one spends their time. Many artists that I have read about have been productive, and I intend to be the same way as long as I am able to.

No Knowledge

Too many people still believe most artists are starving in garrets. Well, it's just not so. I recently had someone ask me if my art was my hobby or my profession? I was proud to say that I pay my way as an artist. I thought the question was a good one,it gave me reason to contiue to understand, that lay people have no clue that many artists are doing very well financially with their art. I always use the opportunity as a teachable moment to inform the fine art impaired. To be an artist is so special , and to get compensated as one is even better. The media doesn't do a good enough job to let people at large know that there are a large number of successful artists in the population, I mean in every discipline. So many people to educate, so little time.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Not A hobby

I was asked a great question about my artlife. The person asked if my art making was a hobby or my profession? I was glad to be able to say that art is profession. I have paid for my way of life with my artisitic effort. I have and do pay all bills as an artist.I had to write this , because too many people don't realize there are thousands of artists like my self who are successful as artists.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stuff To DO 2008

Well it's a new year and the art career dance continues. I will make certain that I have bread and shelter from my artistic effort. I'd rather lift my paintbrush and my welding torch than a pick or shovel any day. I will try to get some press to let people know I am still art active in my city. I will do my own PR. I will make as much art as I can, I will do it now and find an audience later. I won't do the gallery thing. I will hold in memory the 300 plus Picasso works I saw in Las Vegas this year January. I will remember that my success is being an artist everyday. I will pay cash for stuff I need. I will save some cash for emergencies like always. I will practice random acts of kindness every chance I get. I will continue to write and send illustrated letters to people. I will continue to research and read in my public library every two weeks. I will savor my art life and be glad for my colleagues successes.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Art Life is Good

I just returned from Las Vegas and one of the highlights of my trip was , I got to see over three hundred Picasso works on paper. It was grand. I am a self taught Picasso scholar. I became interested in the artist because of his work ethic. To see that amount of work by one artist is spectacular and it urges me to continue to make as much work as I am able to. Picasso is in the Guinness book of world records as the most productive artist of the 20th century, he made 100,000 works of art. Whenever I get to thinking I have made too much work , I'll just think of Picasso who was obsessed with art making. I do think that each work made is like a deposit to a checking account, a kind of art bank. Deposits can lead to interest,no work is like a withdrawal.