Monday, February 8, 2010

What to do Till Rich and Famous

Here are some things to do till you are rich and famous.

Make your art as often as you can.

Live with in your means.

Pay with cash, when you can.

Keep a fifty dollar bill, don't spend it until you get another.

Proceed with out the approval of others.

Get paid on purpose.

Stay focused.

Read Sark's books.

Read the Art Spirit- by Robert Henri.

Be creative in all phases of your art life.

Be positive as often as you can.

Soak up information that will help your art life.

Be the artist YOU want to be.

Market or starve.

Don't whine, drink wine.

Get your own publicity.

Deal with rejection by persisting.

Take your art to the people,sometimes.

Be tough,don't deal with the negative stuff.

Read business books on selling.

Sell your art on the lay away plan.

Don't starve.

Be mobile and visible sometimes.

Remember, if it's for sale, it's commercial.

People don't respect starving artists.

Don't let any artist tell you they invented art.

Pass this data on please.

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