Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Taking Art to the People

The street fair reminded me that I have to take my art to the people, some times. I would not have made any money just sitting in my studio.
I do the alternative venues every now and then just to see what I can drum up. I don't push as much as I used to. Must be age I guess. I am thinking of doing a home show of the shoebox works before years end. One thing for sure I do have the work.

Who Knows?

Who knows what people will be interested in , when it somes to art?
I mention this because , the art I selected for the street fair was done in a random manner. I had some sunflower paintings that sold right away. I painted a series of them last year. I did the work from memory.
One buyer said she was buying the sunflower painting for a relative.
I am gald I work in series. One never can tell what people will respond
to when it comes to art. Who Knows?

More Street Fair Notes

At the street fair, a lady bought two of my shoebox works.
I mention this because the lady said she thought I was out of her price range. Her perception was, I was so "famous", that my work was expensive.
I told her that I always made it a point to have affordable art ,
My thinking is, artists should always have work available for any budget.
I made some signs for the fair that read- "Small Art for Small Budgets".
I got a good response as a result.

Working from memory

I have sold several paintings done from memory.
I tend to fret over these works. Just have to have faith in them.
So I will continue to make them.


I just want to be on the record, I don't have any faith in the BEBACKS.
I have built up an immunity to the BEBACK virus.
The street fair on Sunday 25 September was full of BEBACKS.

EarlyWork Found in Yard Sales

A lady told me that she had bought one of my paintings at a yard sale.
I have been active as an artist since 1966. I figure after working for such a long time, there's no telling where my work will end up.
I told the lady that I would call to see the early painting of mine.
This exchange happened at the Park Hill street fair.

Made some WAM

I was in a street fair on Sunday 25, September. I was able to make my booth fee back and some WAM. WAM is walking around money.
The weather was very nice. I took my shoe box art. Sold about eight little paintings. I price to sell. The artworks are 5x7inches up to 6x8inches.
The shoe box works, some of them can be seen on youtube.
I priced them at $35-$75. I do what ever it takes to heat and eat as an artist.