Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yippeee! Me on Facebook

I am having so much fun , I should be arrested. I just got in Facebook mode.
This is sooooooo cooool.
I am going to be a big ol' tech head. I am in my neighboorhood library and I got my earplugs in , Neener-Neener.

There's a school nearby and the students have a half day off, mostly ninth graders, loud and self absorbed.

Some people think they are in their house having a conversation, loud ones at that.
YEA for me earplugs.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An interesting Question

I was asked what I thought about self promotion the other day? My answer is it has to be done,if an artist is to get some career traction.
I ain't shy about self promotion, it pays off in the long run.

If some people don't dig self promotion, that's just too bad.


My hotmail account got jacked. I will go to the newspapers and get me some ink.
I am in need of a story in the Denver Post. I have some contacts there, those crazy scam artists picked the wrong guy to mess with. HAR!!!

I'll treat this event just like a conceptual art project, hey, if Christo can convince people about his art , I can and will do de same. Yes indeedy.I am on Gmail these days., YIPPPPEEEEEE KI AI, or something like that.
I am on a roll like butter, painted threee, count em , little Hatian paintings this morning. Wrote some letters to get some marketing workshops for spring.

I am a happy, happy guy.
On purpose.

I am on Facebook now. No face, but info.
More later,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No visual art notice @ the White House

It seems to me, that there has been alot of singing and performing at the White House. Dangit! I mean by black folks. When will they, showcase some black visual artists??
I mean some living artists. The president's children should see, that there are paintings in the White House done by someone who, looks like them, if you get my meaning.
Every time I look up, I see black entertainers doing there thing.
Geeze didn't we entertain enough on the plantation already?

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I was thinking how lucky I am to be doing my art life the way I want to.
Compared to years ago when my art career was in it's freshman stage, I ain't doing to bad. I thank the art goddess often these days, here are some main reasons.

I have shelter.
I have bread ,I have some cash,
I have some good art friends,
I have time to make art.

Oh yeah, I get to help new artists get to where I am to so far.

Just being grateful.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Mention

I am in a museum exhibition in Arvada Colorado. The Sunday Denver Post ,2-8-2010 had a review of the eexhibition, I didn't get a mention. So I will take things into my own hands, put on my PR hat, and get my own mention.
This exhibition is a special milestone in my art career. I am telling every I know.
The exhibiton is a survey of 100 years of Colorado art, I am very glad to be included. I will press on , pun intended.

No Mention

Monday, February 8, 2010

What to do Till Rich and Famous

Here are some things to do till you are rich and famous.

Make your art as often as you can.

Live with in your means.

Pay with cash, when you can.

Keep a fifty dollar bill, don't spend it until you get another.

Proceed with out the approval of others.

Get paid on purpose.

Stay focused.

Read Sark's books.

Read the Art Spirit- by Robert Henri.

Be creative in all phases of your art life.

Be positive as often as you can.

Soak up information that will help your art life.

Be the artist YOU want to be.

Market or starve.

Don't whine, drink wine.

Get your own publicity.

Deal with rejection by persisting.

Take your art to the people,sometimes.

Be tough,don't deal with the negative stuff.

Read business books on selling.

Sell your art on the lay away plan.

Don't starve.

Be mobile and visible sometimes.

Remember, if it's for sale, it's commercial.

People don't respect starving artists.

Don't let any artist tell you they invented art.

Pass this data on please.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Career Speedbump

One of my art career speed bumps is, black history month. There was a time when February was good for visual artists of color in Denver.
Those days are long gone, the organizations that could give visibilty to painters, sculptors and other disciplines don't show us off any more. I just dread BHM, because I think it gives the black community another excuse ,to not buy art from other artists and me.
I just wanted to be on the record, I am older and bolder so I get to say what's on my mind concerning BHM.
My art career has legs, and as I write this ,I am in a museum exhibition that will be on view for more than sixty days.
I will arton inspite of BHM.