Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I had to pass on this

I got a call on 10-25-2010, from someone wanting me to show in a new art gallery. I had to decline. My reason is, the gallery was going to be another afro-centric gallery.
I don't like galleries that limit my art life and career.
I just want people to see my work , and not make a judgement on my ethnic background.

Bragging Rights

I just remembered to post this. In September 2010, I sold paintings to people who, just told me to send them something, sight unseen.
I felt very special because of this. I have toiled away in the art trenches
for a long time. I guess, I get to brag a little.
I do work steadily to do the best business That I can for my art career.
So far, so good.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Sales, Shoebox Art

I am selling the little latte priced works , like candy.
I just need walking around money, the little works are priced, at $50-100.
These works fit a shoebox.
I also show them at people's homes. All I need is a table top, or any surface to show 25-50 works. The sizes are 5x7inches to 6x8 inches.
I am having a great art life, brain power is my main power!!!!!!!!!!
My business skills are being sharpened regularly. ON PURPOSE!!!!
NO starving art life for me.