Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The new people to art and artists are freshman. I will call them that. This way I won't get so nonplused by those people who do not realize art is a business. Thomas Kincade knows that fact , hence he's rich and getting richer.Being an sucessful artist, means that the artist is good at business. There's nothing wrong with getting paid for one's artistic effort. Purity will lead to the poorhouse.

Monday, March 22, 2010

People Won't Read

People won't read anything these days. I say that because of the number of people who look at my cap that says NON-starving artist on it and refuse to belive, I am not a starving artist. I tell them there are thousands of artists who, are able to live as artists, all they have to do is read the newspapers and magazines that publish stories on successful artists. I guess when all one knows is, how to operate their thumbs, well you get the idea.I wish people would read more about the successful visual artists in the land.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beware Of The Philistines

I get to thinking about all of those people who, just ain't going to buy any art. I think how my artlife has been the best without the philistines. Neener-Neener!!!!!
I say this in conclusion PEOPLE GET THE ART THEY DESERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Hotmail Got Hacked!!!!!!!!

My hotmail account got hacked. Dang I felt so dumb. I found out that several hotmail accounts had the same thing happen, so I am good. i am learning so much about this web stuff, I can hardly stand it. Having more fun than the law allows. Yes indeed .
Hey Wizzelwolf , comin' at ya real soon. I mean by email.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Real Artists

Real artists work steady, they survive to make art by any means necessary. Real artists build confidence on purpose, they develop skills and create career opportunities on a regular basis and they have the courage to make their own luck.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Still Working Strong

My school AIR gig ended ten months ago and I am busier now than ever. It feels very good. The wind was knocked out of my sails last May, but I am in full creative mode now.
I don't miss getting up early and having to deal with snarky little freshman.
I am a happy camper, getting many of my creative projects done.
My bankroll is holding up pretty good too. I am having a GREAT time in my artlife.
It's so good, it feels unreal.

I may even get to go to Taos and Santa Fe later this month.

Dis Belief Maybe

Lately people have been asking me if I am still painting. In the past when I gotr this question, I got a little miffed.
Now I have a stock answer, that I use, I just say, I get that alot, pause, then I say yes. This way I don't start to boil or give the long I am an artist to the bone talk.
Works like a charm for me.

Dis Belief Maybe

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The State of Art Education

I have to say this, the state of education is the way it is, because students have their brains in their thumbs and their pants on the ground.
President Obama, said on NPR that America is turning out drop out factories.
DANG!!!!!!! Double Dang!!!!

I worked in public education for many years and I, like many other teachers ,I know give instruction our best.


Enough with educator blame.

I taught the fine arts, for many years,being a artist I had the goods.
Now schools are taking the hands on stuff out of schools and that's one of the things that students will attend school for.
This is my humble opinion,pass it on. I wil be writing the White House in this regard.

I have had it with educator blame!

Bob Ragland

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lay public questions cause thinking

Recently I had have people ask me what my day is lke as an artist. This is good because I get to see what my day is like also. Needless to say no two days are alike in most artists lives from what I know. Lately I have been doing my letter writing in the first half of the day, then outside studio running around, errands, then back to the studio.
I write real letters to people, real artists do this for history's sake if you get my meaning. Paper still matters!!!!! I want something out in the world with my DNA on it. Technology can make one stupid about how they communicate with other people.
I have gotten a good result by sending out real mail. Real mail is rare, but welcomed , I have found. When I tell people that I will write them they can't believe it. It's just part of my art form. It's part of my art career maintenance.
Pass it on.

Lay public questions.