Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Masterpiece Business.

I see a number of workshops listed in the trade magazines.
I think it's good to hone one's skills in technique.
I would like to see more workshops offering business technique.
An artist won't make masterpiece art all the time,but they better
make masterpiece business all the time.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A BIG Secret??? Again!!!!!

I was in an art gallery today and mentioned ,that there was no art critic for the Denver Post these days. The gallery had some well made works by Colorado
artisans. I mentioned that, maybe a call could be made, to have some of he artists interviewed. Well , needless to say, my suggestion was met with a negative reaction.
I am glad that I don't exhibit in that gallery.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Being Prudent

I am being very prudent, I recently discovered a story about an artist, who has made a lot of dough in his career. Found out that there was some bad money decisions made.
The artist has to reboot his career. He has mad skills on the art making side.
Me , I am like a turtle when it comes to spending money. I don't want to be broke.
It seems that some people like to gloat , when some one has a fall from grace.
I have found having some money, is a good barrier, between me and the gloaters.
I am very, very, prudent on purpose.

I am successful on purpose 2

I must say here, I have had my share of good press in Denver.
The Denver Post Has given me very good coverage over the years.
I would like to see more stories about my colleagues.
Sports and entertainment, seems to get a lot of ink.
I often get the opportunity to see arts sections, of out of town
newspapers, and those publications do a great job, of telling good informative
stories about non-starving artists in their cities and states.
The art culture needs to ask for coverage, not criticism on their artists.
I am successful in getting coverage, I call and ask for it.On purpose.

The Denver Post Lacks Visual Arts Coverage

I am on a mission, to get more coverage, for the successful working class artists in Denver and Colorado. The lay public needs to know, that there are some very accomplished visual artists in the city and state. I mean artists who, are going to the bank, artists who are making a decent living,artists who slog away every day.
I am one of those artists. There are many, many more. The Denver Post could do some
very cool stories on artists and their lives. The public in general, has the perception that all of the artists in the city and state are starving in their studios. Reason being, no lifestyle stories. I intend to keep talking about this subject for a long, long time.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Coors Western Art Show Third Visit

I went to the CAS, for the third time today. I try to go on the King holiday.
This is ritual for me. I am serving my artistic discipline this way.
I learn so much about painting,people and just things in general when I attend
these catalog shows.
There are some very creative artists in these exhibitions, they really know how to push the paint around. I get energized by the Coors art show.
So much to learn,so little time.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recent Press

I have a story to appear in the Denver Post Yourhub section.
I tried to post the data on FB. It got blocked, so I mention it here.
Sorry to have you dig for the press.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Behind the Scenes

One never knows what an artist is dealing with. I just became aware that an artist colleague and friend, is in rebooting mode. I guess I am fortunate to be some what stable in my art life. I have bread and shelter, I have my skills to make art. I have a cash buffer against some stuff. I have tried to make certain, to keep my furniture in the studio and not on the sidewalk, if you get my drift.I will continue to labor away behind the scenes to be as stable as I am able.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I got me some ink. See yourhub/denver.
I am my own best press agent, always have been and will be.
I am a proactive artist. I don't make masterpiece art, but
I try yo make masterpiece business.

A BIG Secret???

I saw an excellent painting exhibition yesterday.The paintings were made by Travis Conrad Erion. Every painting in the exhibition was well crafted.
Not only was the work well executed, but he ideas were thought provoking.
The show of work is at Goodwin Fine art gallery, located at 1255 Delaware Street.
I mentioned to Tina Goodwin, that she call the Denver Post, and get a reporter to cover the exhibition. The Denver Post has no art critic at this time. Personally I'd rather see profiles, or human interest stories, about artists and their lives and work. At one time, the Denver Post featured,great profiles on visual artists, who lived in and out of state. I met artist Russell Chatham as a result of a four page profile featured in a magazine section, called Empire. Until some one in the Denver art culture, stops keeping secrets,artists will be a secret.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I often get the question-Are things going well?
My answer is- I make things go well.
People always seem to think, artists are always having
a hard time making any money, and maintaining the artlife.I do just fine,
as many of my colleagues, in the art world do.
I am proud, to be able to say yes, things are going very well indeed.

Getting Ready

I am getting ready for the rest of 2012. I am making my work, inventing ways to stay financially able to run my my artlife, with out too much strife. I am constantly honing my business skill set. I know I don't have to make masterpiece art all the time,
I do try to make masterpiece business.Doing masterpiece business matters, more than the art, for me at this point in my artlife. I am getting ready for the last three quarters of 2012. I will stay ready.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Many Advisors Don't have No Cash

Many art career advisers don't have the bankroll to backup their advice.
They often try to get into the pocket of the poor unknowing artist.
I advise for small fees. My stuff is fool proof, if the artist does what I tell them to do. I charge ONE TIME ONLY!!!!!

Art Career Success Is Not Rocket Science!!!!

Having a financially successful art career is not, rocket science!
I spoke to an artist recently who, mentioned they were still struggling.
I told that person to get to a library, and read as many business books as they could.
I also suggested that they try Google, to learn how to sell their art and do better business. DANG!!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Real Artists Always

Real artists thrive in any economy.
The true artist make a way out of no way.
The true artist takes charge of their own art life all the time.
Real artists survive all recessions, ON PURPOSE!!!!!!

I am successful on purpose

I am successful on purpose!!!I do out reach to sell my work.
I will not sit and wait for people to contact me.
Time never sleeps, so I use my time to be as successful as I am able to be.
I go to the bank with art money on a steady basis, ON PURPOSE!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Hundred Dollar Marketing Tool

I was just thinking what an artist can do with one hundred dollars, too market themselves. Eight bucks can buy first class stamps, to do out reach to possible studio visitors. Part of the money could buy some petrol,to go see an exhibition for ideas. Buy art magazines,for a couple of ideas, buy lunch for a colleague,to have conversation about career game plans.Oh yes, the petrol can get you out to a location to paint or draw some subjects. That's all I can think of for the moment.More later.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

So Cool

Johnny Depp owns an island in or near the Bahamas.
To me a great thing. 45 acres , to escape to.
Marlon Brando owned an island in his life time.
The actor would retreat there, rest and when he needed to top off
his bank account, he'd leave make some dough, then go back to the island.
That's what I call a very cool thing.

Thomas Kincade,Walter and Margaret Keene

As quiet as it's kept TK can paint classical work with the best of them. He tried that, to no avail and no money. Well now he's banking big.I met Walter and Margaret Keene of the big eyed kids once. I was cleaning the May Company store building,I found out they were going to sell their work and sign books. I was able to witness their arrival. Margaret was well dressed and bejeweled.Walter looked good also, they greeted a long line of people who wanted to buy the reproductions, and books that were being signed. Heck I even bought a big eyed kid book and got an auto graph. It was very cool to me. After all, I was a cleaning crew guy, and the Keenes were big time artists. I wanted some of that cool stuff. After that I went to art school, learned my craft, and am doing alright.I am glad to have had the experience.

New Year Thoughts 1

I wonder why, Denver co- op galleries don't churn the waters, after they have an opening????? They have an opening night , after that, the featured artist sits in the gallery on following weekends, and very few people come in , and even less buy anything.The art is solid, the prices are right, the problem, as I see it is,the co- op artist does no outreach to get people in.I feel sorry for those artists who, sit in an empty gallery. At this writing, the Denver Post has no art critic, this would be a perfect opportunity, to get some ink, to drum up new buyers. I have mentioned this, many times. My idea has fallen on deaf ears. I am of the Steve Jobs school of thought, to think differently.
My art career is ongoing, I always have a new game plan. I just wish the co- op artists in Denver were more proactive.I just had to go on record with these observations.