Friday, September 5, 2008

Spending Money Can Be Hard

I just left a gallery, I bought a fifteen dollar catalog. The transaction took 20 minutes. WOW!!!!!! Sometimes you can't spend your money. The salesperson had to call tech suppport to find out how to do the transaction. I had my car parked in a two hour free zone, so I was concerned about getting a twenty-five dollar ticket. I got back to the car in time. I need to get some earplugs, as I am writing this in a library a guy is near me running his mouth. I will be buying some earplugs post haste. I got to weld this morning. Yippeeeee!. I have a couple of water colors going in the space I use for this discipline. When I get to do the art part of my life it feel sooooooo gooooood. I'll be back soon.

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