Friday, September 12, 2008

Sometimes Little Respect

I had to rush right over to my local library to post this. I just left a guy I have known for several years, he was introducing me to his co- workers and he couldn't remember the name of the local museum that my work is in. I'm mentioning this because, the more diligent you work as an artist , you still may not get the respect you deserve. Again , I call these people who don't respect artists, "Artproof". I had to make a note of this occurance , to remind myself to
ARTON!!!! inspite of the people who hold artists in disregard. This kind of stuff just makes me art, faster, more, every day and some nights. Weekends and holidays in cluded. I'm doing good in my art neighborhood, on purpose and will do so as long as I draw breath. I spent the top half of this day welding on a sculpture that I will com plete in the next few days.

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