Thursday, September 11, 2008

Richard Schmid Maestro

If you get a chance, Google artist Richard Schmid. I have known this artist for a very long time. I became aware of Richard's work when I went to Chicago to see an Andrew Wyeth exhbition held at the Chicago Art Institute. I was exploring some streets off of Michigan avenue, and in a gallery called the Welna Gallery was the work of someone, I thought was lot older. The work had this genius quality about it. In my opinion , it was just plain, well, brilliant!!! Well , I got to know the artist over the years, he moved to Colorado for a short time.Richard invited Dean Mitchell and my self to visit his mountain hideaway before moving to Vermont. I have several of Richard's books and refer to them often. I even traveled to Barttlesville Oklahoma twice to see his work sell out in about thirty five minutes. It was a grand time. Richard Schmid is a virtuoso artist. He is a maestro. Oh , by the way his work sells very quickly and for some good money to boot.

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