Thursday, September 11, 2008

Art and Sacrifice

Often people think being an artist is a "fun" thing. Well , yes and no. I don't want to do any heavy lifting for fun. I digress. I made up my mind to be an artist by any means necessary, I mean in a practical way. I have worked all kinds of art gigs to have a decent art life, so far so good. I have bread and shelter and a modicum of respect. I don't have any regrets, one exception though, I would have learned more survival tricks early on. I am willing to do what it takes to be an artist. Like a good jazz player I can and do improvise. I don't expect everyone to like what I make art wise , so be it. I just move on. I ain't in Darfur or some other wretched place. Artists are the minority, because the majority can't draw. I wrote that some time ago. This seems like s a good time to use it. I love this blog stuff!!!!!!!! Anyway the art life is the only one for me. Oh yeah, I get show something for the time I spend and that is so reaffirming. Now for I will have an adult beverage. Cheers.

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