Saturday, August 30, 2008

Successful Artists

I had to blog this , I will soon post the names of artists who I am certain, make a good living from their work. I ponder this idea quite a bit. It seems the lay public just doesn't want to accept the fact that visual artists are doing very well all over the map. The local press in Denver will cover the entertainment world like mad and they neglect the many painters , sculptors,photographers,printmakers and other visual art disciplines. There are some newspapers that do a very good job of being champions of visual artists. The Tenneseean, The Santa Fe New mwexican, The Friday New York Times, The Taos News,The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Constitution Journal are the newspapers that tell informative stories about artists in their cities. I try to read at least six newspapers each time I go to the library. I am a newshound for art information.

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