Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dean Mitchell- ARTIST

I have to brag here about one on my art brothers. Dean Mitchell is an example of what an artist can do to be successful. A lot has been written about Dean and his work. Anyone who sees it is impressed by how well made his art is, but what people don't know is, this artist is a planner of how his art career shapes up. The business acumen that Dean Mitchell has acquired is primo. When an artist does the right things at the right time and place, good things happen. Business matters. Dean is an artist who also happens to be free of financial stress as an artist, and by the way, there are many visual artists like him. If you the reader of this would like to see examples of Dean's art, get him by Google. You will be pleasantly surprised. Now that I have this forum to write , I will tell you about more commercially successful artists in the future. The press ain't interested in commercially successful journeyman artists, so I will do the reporting.

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