Friday, August 22, 2008

People Tolerate Artists

I have a artist colleague who is a diligent worker. Recently one of his drawings appeared on a neighboorhood publication. Guess what????? He wasn't offered one dime , and he didn't think to ask for some compensation-DANG!!!! Double Dang!!! I have recently formed the opinion that people tolerate us artists, but they don't love us,not so much. Geeze- you'd think that the publisher of the little news paper would have offered the artist something. I could hardly wait to post this. This kind of stuff is just dumb. Artists should get paid, and artists should be smarter about asking for money. The public thinks that we artists are dumb about business, so they try to get over on us all the time, we be havin' so much fun. I am going to note here all of the slights to my profession every time I get achance. MO' Later.

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