Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thomas Kincade,Walter and Margaret Keene

As quiet as it's kept TK can paint classical work with the best of them. He tried that, to no avail and no money. Well now he's banking big.I met Walter and Margaret Keene of the big eyed kids once. I was cleaning the May Company store building,I found out they were going to sell their work and sign books. I was able to witness their arrival. Margaret was well dressed and bejeweled.Walter looked good also, they greeted a long line of people who wanted to buy the reproductions, and books that were being signed. Heck I even bought a big eyed kid book and got an auto graph. It was very cool to me. After all, I was a cleaning crew guy, and the Keenes were big time artists. I wanted some of that cool stuff. After that I went to art school, learned my craft, and am doing alright.I am glad to have had the experience.

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