Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Thoughts 1

I wonder why, Denver co- op galleries don't churn the waters, after they have an opening????? They have an opening night , after that, the featured artist sits in the gallery on following weekends, and very few people come in , and even less buy anything.The art is solid, the prices are right, the problem, as I see it is,the co- op artist does no outreach to get people in.I feel sorry for those artists who, sit in an empty gallery. At this writing, the Denver Post has no art critic, this would be a perfect opportunity, to get some ink, to drum up new buyers. I have mentioned this, many times. My idea has fallen on deaf ears. I am of the Steve Jobs school of thought, to think differently.
My art career is ongoing, I always have a new game plan. I just wish the co- op artists in Denver were more proactive.I just had to go on record with these observations.

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