Thursday, January 12, 2012

A BIG Secret???

I saw an excellent painting exhibition yesterday.The paintings were made by Travis Conrad Erion. Every painting in the exhibition was well crafted.
Not only was the work well executed, but he ideas were thought provoking.
The show of work is at Goodwin Fine art gallery, located at 1255 Delaware Street.
I mentioned to Tina Goodwin, that she call the Denver Post, and get a reporter to cover the exhibition. The Denver Post has no art critic at this time. Personally I'd rather see profiles, or human interest stories, about artists and their lives and work. At one time, the Denver Post featured,great profiles on visual artists, who lived in and out of state. I met artist Russell Chatham as a result of a four page profile featured in a magazine section, called Empire. Until some one in the Denver art culture, stops keeping secrets,artists will be a secret.

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