Saturday, May 21, 2011


Technology is encroaching on the visiual arts. The fast pace of life is even faster because of all of the screentime people are involved in.
People don't take the time to look at works of arts the way they used to.
This is my observation. People rush around like crazy.
I have had artists mention that they have been in homes, where there
were flatscreen television sets on every wall.
So paintings do not get much space in these situations.
There's a lot of competition for people's attention these days.
I think the visual arts will have a difficult time in th future.


Meltemi. said...

Deep down I believe that there are just too many artists' competing for the same rectangle of wall space. Its the low entry barrier to being an artist thing. Then there are the manufacturer's of artists' materials who conspire by making it all so easy to get started.

Lynne said...

I think this is true about the fast pace of life. The instant gratification bit has taken over in the cultures of the world. This is something that I think will actually change in the future, the pendulum swing if you will. And people will tire of it (fast pace) and want the slower more in-depth life of former times. Then there'll be books written about it (read on Kindles of course!) and TV shows about it, etc. And they'll all think it is a new idea. But maybe, just maybe there will be a return to taking the time for beauty of all kinds to permeate our souls.