Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stuff To DO 2008

Well it's a new year and the art career dance continues. I will make certain that I have bread and shelter from my artistic effort. I'd rather lift my paintbrush and my welding torch than a pick or shovel any day. I will try to get some press to let people know I am still art active in my city. I will do my own PR. I will make as much art as I can, I will do it now and find an audience later. I won't do the gallery thing. I will hold in memory the 300 plus Picasso works I saw in Las Vegas this year January. I will remember that my success is being an artist everyday. I will pay cash for stuff I need. I will save some cash for emergencies like always. I will practice random acts of kindness every chance I get. I will continue to write and send illustrated letters to people. I will continue to research and read in my public library every two weeks. I will savor my art life and be glad for my colleagues successes.

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