Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cherry Picking Buyers/Collectors

I am able to cherry pick art buyers and or collectors, because I live on very little money. I designed my art life so that I could manage to be an artist every day with or with out the support of galleries,posers,promisers, etc. I also made it a point to have an artist in residence gig at all times. This gives me some regular income. If I had to scrap in the alleys to get some money to support my art life , I would. So far I have not had to do any thing not related to my being an artist. The NEA says that there are two million full time artists in the work force now a days. I am one of them and intend to keep on being one as long as I draw breath.

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self taught artist said...

I would love to hear more about the details of things...what is the artist residence thing like, it's an artist staying there with you. do you mentor them? have any stories to share about those people?

how do you pick your buyers? collectors?