Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Art Education 101 and The New Art Person

I had a visit with an artist friend of mind last week end. The artist makes very cool objects from found objects. The works were priced under five hundred dollars. I asked the artist if he had any interest? He said that three of the works had some interest. I asked why people were hesitant? The answer was no money. I asked if he offered time payments? He said he told them that he offered a payment plan.

I noticed that his price list did not mention in writing that he had terms available. I mentioned that in the future , that maybe it would be helpful to write it on the price list.
People have to be educated about art all the time in my opinion. It's the 101 stuff that the art culture does not consistently do.
Sales are lost because of the neglect of basic art education information in writing.

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self taught artist said...

You make an excellent point...lately people have commented on my blog whenever I post something new, that they like it but can't afford it. I email them and let them know I negotiate and/or take payments...I figure why not! I have recently wondered should I post that...put it out there for all to know that I do this? You kind of made me see that it wouldn't be a bad idea.