Monday, January 5, 2009

The Trade Magazine Stories

I always wonder when I read about artists in the art magazines, how well they are doing?
I know that selling one's art is not always easy. The magazines seem to give the impression that painters and sculptors are
raking in the money. On my side of things, it's mostly uphill to support my art habit, I do it with a great deal of constant effort.
It just seems that the magazines give a false impression about many artists and their financial success.
I happen to know several artists and I know the struggle to pay all bills with art sales ain't easy.
The magazines report big money being paid for works by, lets say, some blue collar artists. My thought is, it's not what you make but what you get to keep on the money side.
There is one art publication that always shows wonderful art studios that artists have built.
My first thought is, I wonder if those artists have paid for those studios?
Often the trade magazines don't mention the business part of an artists career. Making money as an artist is not a crime.
Bills have too be paid.
Just an observation about some of the magazines.

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