Monday, October 27, 2008


I recently had a conversation with some one who has known me as an artist for thirty years. The talk was about this person who likes to be self important, not owning my work. I realize he may not like my work. On the other hand, he always says to whom ever he introduces me to, that, I am the best artist he knows. I do have the good fortune to be able to cherry pick the people that I wan t to sell my work to. I wouldn't sell any work to the guy that prompted this post.

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self taught artist said...

While I have not have that experience, and I certainly don't get to cherry pick, or even microbe pick buyers :(....I have had many people tell me they love my work but have never inquired to buy a thing.

I'm curious how you feel about pricing...perhaps you will do a post on this since you have decades of experience!